XNDRSOUND – “Still Working” [Prod. JGONTHEKEYS]

By: Seamus Fay

Just a few weeks ago, Randolph native XNDRSOUND reminded us of the immense potential that he holds with a stellar offering entitled “Phantom/More Wins”. While we’re still only a few weeks removed from the song’s release, this budding talent is already back once again to showcase the fruits of his endless hours in the studio. Taking over headlines today, here enters XNDRSOUND’s latest, “Still Working”. With JGONTHEKEYS behind the boards, it goes without saying that this track is something special, so let’s delve a bit deeper.

At its core, “Still Working” describes the struggles that the rising talent goes through as well as how he’s able to overcome everything. The lyrics are to-the-point and honest, providing candid, storytelling flashes that show incredible upside for XNDR as a songwriter. His skills are only sharpening with each successive release, and noted in the ability of this track to illustrate themes both lyrically and sonically, I’d say that it’s a definite standout for the Randolph representative.

Be sure to click play on “Still Working” at the link provided below:

XNDRSOUND – “Phantom/More Wins” [Prod. Bizness Boi & Humbeats]

By: Seamus Fay

Here at Graduation Music, XNDRSOUND has continuously impressed us with each successive time he releases new music. The Randolph native always seems to putting in extra hours in the studio, and by polishing his artistry and expanding the scope of versatility that he possesses, it comes as no surprise that his stocks have seen immense growth in the past year or so. Today, XNDRSOUND is back on our pages with a brand new single entitled “Phantom/More Wins”.

Produced by the lethal combination of Bizness Boi and Humbeats, this ever-so-smooth track takes an ominous approach to let out all of its emotion. Slicing through the aggressive melodies are brutally honest lyrics, leading XNDRSOUND to declare his self-worth and take a massive leap towards doing what’s best for him. This track cuts out the fluff and makes sure that the road to the top is as clear as possible, so much so that it becomes quite the anthem in the process.

Listen to “Phantom/More Wins” at the link provided below:

XNDRSOUND – “October’s Eve” [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

Coming out Randolph right now, XNDRSOUND is an artist ready to make his name known in MA and beyond with polished artistry and a plethora of vocal talents. Here enters his latest offering, the October’s Eve EP produced entirely by none other than the hitmaker himself, Humbeats. 4 tracks long, this project acts as the perfect testament to the artist that XNDR has become, increasingly polished and ready to further make his prowess known.

The element of this EP that first stood out to me as truly something special was the consistency that the Randolph native comes to the mic with. He never fails to bring his standout strengths to the light, and by staying true to himself and delivering the cohesive sound that he does best, the October’s Eve EP  is nothing to sleep on. I could go on about this project all day, but the truth is that the quality and seamless energy of the music speaks for itself.

XNDRSOUND is showing early signs of what it takes to go to the top, so be sure not to sleep and listen to his latest offering at the link below.