Premo.Dee – ‘Satellite.Blvd’ [EP]

By: Shamus Hill

Brockton, Massachusetts has played a sort of mitochondrial role within the Bay State’s music scene over the last year or two, with notable acts such as DTheFlyest and Van Buren Records spreading the City of Champions’ influence far beyond its borders. Attached with this surge in music coming out of the Brockton area has been an influx of truly profound artists that — together — have assisted in shining a light on the diverse landscape of music that exists within Massachusetts. Helping to validate this statement is Premo.Dee, who recently gifted his listeners with his first project — Satellite.Blvd.

Since releasing his first song more than two years ago, Premo.Dee has been making strides with respect to developing his sound. His recent string of releases prior to Satellite.Blvd were extremely promising, as each showcased a different side of Premo’s artistic capabiities. Satellite.Blvd is where he really ties everything together, with each of the EP’s five tracks being a fitting addition to his discography.

Featuring Van Buren’s Saint Lyor, Lord Felix, and Jiles, in addition to James Boy — Premo.Dee included the perfect cast of individuals to bring this body of work to fruition. Some notable standouts on this release are “Watch It” and “How We Get Here” as both of these songs do a superb job at detailing why Premo.Dee is as promising as an artist as he is. If you’re a fan of Satellite.Blvd, be sure to listen to Premo’s verse on Briefcvse’s new album as well.

Listen to Satellite.Blvd below:


Saint Lyor – “Gossip” [Official Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Van Buren Records continues their groundbreaking 2019 as Saint Lyor unleashes the official music video for his anthemic single, “Gossip”.

Setting the scene at Brockton High School and various other spots throughout the City of Champions, Saint Lyor’s debut music video wonderfully portrays the communal bond prevalent within this well-accomplished group of artists. Brockton is truly a special place with amazing people, and while the city’s reputation is often misconstrued by outsiders — Saint Lyor and company are here to provide these outsiders with a glimpse of the resilient nature that is instilled within the people from this city.

“No I’m not from Boston! ET I’m from Brockton!!” echoes Saint Lyor as he stands in front of Brockton High School, and it’s at this moment where all of the sentiments I mentioned above come full circle. While this proud, boisterous release may be considered to be centered around Saint Lyor himself, it largely speaks for Van Buren Records and the city of Brockton as a whole — making this video one of the most well-executed that I’ve seen in quite some time.

Helping bring this music video to life was Daymian Mejia and Anthony Picanzi who respectively shot and edited the visual.

Watch the official music video for “Gossip” at the link below:


[PREMIERE] Premo ft. Saint Lyor + Lord Felix – “How We Get Here” (Prod. James Boy)

By: Shamus Hill

If you’ve been paying attention to the Massachusetts music scene in even the slightest bit this year, you’ll note the narrative surrounding the fact that Brockton has swiftly become the Bay State’s powerhouse with respect to the production of high-caliber music. Seemingly every week some new sounds manage to escape the grasp of the city’s young, prominent artists, and today Premo, Saint Lyor, and Lord Felix are here to add some more flavor into the mix.

“How We Get Here” serves as Premo’s first release in more than 7 months, however this statement doesn’t do justice to the amount of work the Brockton native has been putting in over the course of the year. Working diligently alongside Bodega as a model, Premo is one of the few artists from Massachusetts that has successfully trekked multiple lanes of local art. Much like his eclectic fashion sense, Premo’s ability to piece a song together can be characterized as both innovative and diverse. Similar to both Saint Lyor and Lord Felix, Premo possesses an innate ability to flow meticulously whilst maintaining lyrical formidability throughout — which is something that has ultimately made his discography wonderfully thorough.

Circulating around what it took for these artists to rise into the positions that they’re currently in, “How We Get Here” serves as a reminder for us all to put out heads down and keep working no matter what. In the cases of Premo, Saint Lyor, and Lord Felix — this is exactly what they’ve done to reach the level of artistic mastery that they currently possess. Complete with both beautiful sonic elements and thoughtful purpose, “How We Get Here” is one of the Graduation Music staff’s favorite drops up through this point in the year.

Listen to “How We Get Here” below:

Saint Lyor – “Crawl” [Prod. Kiefer]

By: Seamus Fay

In my two years writing for Graduation Music, Brockton has always held it down on the music side of things. Not only is the raw talent already there, but the work ethic and dedication toward growth is also hyper-apparent, leading to some incredibly promising developments from several native acts — one of which is Saint Lyor. While we haven’t heard new music from Lyor in a minute now, today, he’s here to break the silence with a new song named “Crawl”. And if there’s anything that will show that Lyor is back and better than ever, it has to be this one.

Produced by Kiefer, “Crawl” is one of the most refreshing offerings that I’ve heard out of Massachusetts all year. Saint Lyor raps with a profound clarity, letting out true-to-self lines that maintain a strong, soulful presence throughout the song’s entire duration. Adding fuel to the fire, the jazzy instrumentation is gorgeous in every way, and if anything, “Crawl” should remind you why Brockton is home to numerous up-next artists. Saint Lyor is helping to lead the pack by setting a high bar for quality, so be sure to get hip by clicking play on his latest at the link provided below!

Engineered by @SahmeerOdies

Saint Lyor – “James 1:20” [Prod. RO$$]

By: Seamus Fay

There no longer exists any sort of debate on the topic – Saint Lyor is one of Brockton’s best talents. Song after song, this rising talent has continually impressed listeners with his monstrous presence on the mic, so much so to the point where you can’t help but ignore the strides he’s making towards the top right now. Every bar, every word, and every syllable is put together with a near surgical precision, and in such a way, Saint Lyor refuses to be stopped. Today, he joins our pages yet again with a brand new single entitled “James 1:20”.

Produced by RO$$ this slow-burning offering lets loose in a fashion that maximizes the effect of Lyor’s vocals. The soulful keys take a backseat to such ambitious lyricism, and from the first second to the last, listeners receive a dense look into the mind of such a propitious young artist. “James 1:20” might just be one of the finest singles to come from Saint Lyor as of yet, so make sure you don’t sleep on this charismatic piece of art. Brockton’s got a star on its hands.

Click play on the latest from Saint Lyor at the link below!

[PREMIERE] Marvelous Stefan – “On My Side” ft. Saint Lyor (Prod. Isaiah Valmont)

By: Seamus Fay

It comes as no surprise that Brockton is a hotbed of talent right now, filled to the brim with a number of standout acts that will undoubtedly be taking their careers to new heights as 2018 moves on. Among these artists are Marvelous Stefan, Saint Lyor, and Isaiah Valmont – three Graduation Music frequent flyers and inarguably three of Brockton’s finest talents out at the moment. Hearing them come together on a track would be nothing less than a privilege, and today, they’re here to bring that dream to life with a new single entitled “On My Side”, premiering via the Graduation Music SoundCloud.

Right off of the bat, this song proclaims both pace and energy, as Lyor and Stefan bounce off of another’s flows, going back and forth between smooth vocals and quick shipments of rap. By creating this stark contrast early on, the two are able to compliment Valmont’s hypnotic production and the burgeoning force of the drums – two elements that define the very essence of “On My Side” at its finest. With all of these features perfected to a common point of chemistry, it’s important to note that the lyrical content of the song decides who’s on Stefan and Lyor’s side, who’s pocket watching, and everything in between. They’re here to claim the top spots in MA rap, and no one is about to get in their way.

Listen to “On My Side” at the link below:

Saint Lyor – “Zombie!” [Prod. Jerm Sherman]

By: Seamus Fay

First, Brockton is a hotbed of budding talent and there’s no denying at this point. Second, Saint Lyor and Jerm Sherman together is a guaranteed banger whenever they join forces on a song. Both of these elements that help define Saint Lyor are on full display in his new single, “Zombie!”, and in every aspect of this track, it’s a release that you won’t want to miss out on. Saint Lyor knows his talent and he recognizes the excitement behind his career with “Zombie!” to act as confirmation.

As mentioned previously, this loose offering takes to production from Jerm Sherman, utilizing an atmospheric background as Lyor strikes right through its center with confident charisma. Hearing these two elements come together in such a contrasted light is certainly something special, and it only follows that Saint Lyor’s artistry is becoming increasingly polished with each successive release. Brockton’s stocks are rising, and so are his, at a rapid rate.

That being said, be sure to give “Zombie!” a listen at the link below: