Tony Bodega – “Roll$ Out” [Official Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Roxbury’s Tony Bodega is making his presence known in 2020, as he recently dropped the official music video for his hypnotic single, “Roll$ Out”.

Off of his 2019 project, Drgz & Wifi, “Roll$ Out” is most definitely a standout within Tony Bodega’s musical catalog. Equipped with a smooth, almost whispery delivery that helps put an emphasis on his clever lyricism, this track is extremely well-executed from every angle. Jakob Bauwens did a tremendous job with his visual work here, as this music video rests as one of the best thus far this year.

Watch the official music video for “Roll$ Out” at the link below:

Produced by YngDadHat

Video by Jakob Soto-Bauwens

PLAD Fine$$e – “Pac-Man” (Prod. Mike Hector)

By: Eden Bekele

Roxbury rapper PLAD Fine$$e teams up with Mike Hector to produce his latest track, “Pac-Man”. After an almost year-long hiatus, the rapper has been on a roll, with this release and his single “Pressure”, which released not even a month earlier, the rapper is quite literally applying pressure. 

For those that are familiar with Fine$$e from his earlier work, “Pac-Man” shows consistency and excitement. The track is only two minutes and five seconds, but it packs a tremendous punch. His inherent confidence shines through with his melodic style and effortless flow, making this track an instant hit.  While I was left wishing for a little more from the track, it’s fair to say that the rising talent is working and we’ll be satisfied soon.

From Roxbury to the world, Fine$$e is on the rise and we look forward to seeing what else he has in store. 

Listen to “Pac-Man” below:

Mizzie CA$H – “D’usse Love” (Prod. JTK)

By: Shamus Hill

Gracing the Graduation Music site once again is Mizzie CA$H, who recently blessed listeners with his first release of the year. Getting into the mood for Valentine’s Day, Mizzie’s “D’usse Love” reveals a different side to the Boston rapper that fans hadn’t previously been exposed to.

This heartfelt release allows for Mizzie CA$H’s versatility to be brought to the forefront, alluding to how much developmental progress he’s been making overall as an artist. He’s spent the last few months prepping his debut project, Mizziechusetts, and if this release tells us anything, it’s that Mizzie is slated to have his most successful year yet.

Listen to “D’usse Love” below:

Jefe Replay – “Foreign Exchange” (Prod. Tee-WaTT)

By: Shamus Hill

One of the more well-known artists from the Boston area, Jefe Replay just released the first single off of his upcoming project, Proper Finessments. “Foreign Exchange” features thunderous production at the hands of Tee-WaTT, and serves as the perfect remedy for all the “real Juans” out there to prepare for the Roxbury-rapper’s debut album.

For the last few years, Jefe Replay has unleashed a number of potent singles that have assisted him in establishing quite the solid fanbase. He’s the type of individual whose presence is felt in a large room of people, and this feeling is relayed especially well as you listen through his latest release.

Jefe Replay fans all over are more than ready for his album to drop, so in the mean time give “Foreign Exchange” a few spins to hold you over until the February 1st release date. Listen to the energetic offering below:


Michael Christmas – ‘Role Model’ [Album]

Resting right alongside days such as the Boston Tea Party, when the Celtics won the ’08 finals, and when Paul Revere embarked on his midnight ride, June 22nd will go down in Boston history as the day that Michael Christmas finally released his long-awaited third album, Role Model. And quite frankly, it might just take precedence over the other three days I mentioned. Regardless, today is an important day, and for anyone that heard the magic of Christmas’ past 3 singles, “Ball”, “Girlfriend”, and “Not The Only One”, the full scope of anticipation for this album can truly be realized.

In just 15 songs, we hear the musical manifestation of unwavering authenticity and exuberant charisma, complete with the technical skill that makes Michael Christmas an unforgettable artist. His personality shines through each track all the way from the bubbling energy of “These Days” to the potent loyalty of “Everybody Eats”, and in such a way, every song represents an important moment in the Roxbury-bred star’s life. From the hilarious, soul-searching sentiment of Is This Art? all the way up until today, Michael Christmas has never lost track of who he is at heart.

With this, topping Role Model off with the sonic direction to make it such a magnificent offering, the production on this one rings forth as some of the most memorable that I’ve heard from any other release this year. Credits from names such as Teddy Roxpin, Meltycanon, and Thelonious Martin, among others, radiate immense positivity through sound and style, only to be graced with Christmas’ homegrown charm, sparkling character, and effortless flows along the way. The additional feature verses include fellow Boston act Cousin Stizz, Tobi Lou, G Perico, and Domo Genesis, all of which show out in their respective roles and make this album the official soundtrack of the summer.

There’s so much more to be said about the magic of Role Model, but in truth, the music speaks for itself, in this case. That being said, stream the latest LP from Michael Christmas at the link below and stay tuned for a follow-up article/interview on the importance of the project coming soon!

Boogie Da God – “Hood N***a” [Prod. Trillo]

By: Seamus Fay

Boston has a plethora of talented musicians, sure. But, let’s get one thing straight before we start this write-up; Boogie Da God is one of Roxbury’s most talented and simultaneously most slept on artists, period. Song after song, project after project, I don’t think I can honestly say that I’ve ever heard a bad song from Boogie, and with the way things are looking, I don’t think I ever will. That being said, this rising artist is here today to unleash his latest, Trillo-produced single, “Hood N***a”.

And let me be the first to tell you, the streak is most definitely continued with this song. In this illustrative display of the charisma that led us to fall in love with his music in the first place, Boogie takes to a brass-led, soulful instrumental to rattle out bar after bar of the life that he lives in the hood. Both lyrically and sonically, we get to see the Roxbury representative in his sweet spot, and with the extensive catalog of solid, solid music that Boogie Da God has built up, it’s truly only a matter of time until he’s receiving both the local and national recognition that he deserves.

Listen to “Hood N***a” at the link below:

[PREMIERE] AK – “On The Other Side of Jackson”

By: Seamus Fay

At this point, it goes without saying that Roxbury has become the stomping ground for a large portion of the rising stars in Boston’s flourishing music scene right now. Artist after artist, the city never ceases to impress, and today, we’re proud to unveil the latest of these budding talents: AK. He’s been sitting behind the curtains for quite some time now, awaiting the perfect moment to arise from the shadows and make his debut onto the scene, so today, the switch turns – all this hard work is finally prepared and ready for release. Poised to turn some heads with his debut single, “On The Other Side of Jackson”, AK is the next name to know out of Roxbury.

Produced by Nape, the debut single from the local talent holds true to its infectious, rhythmic bounce, garnering attention by way of feeling and lyricism alike. At the very intersection of the two, we can find AK’s noteworthy skills – he holds a unique confidence when on the mic, and in regards to delivery, knows just how to float over a beat with a smooth flow and relaxed cadence. In this light, “On The Other Side of Jackson” is just the right single to introduce the city to AK, and I hold the utmost confidence in saying that he’s ready to make some serious waves with the work he has been putting in.

It’s also important to note that this track should act as the perfect anthem for getting to the bag in 2018. In all of its money-minded, soulful glory, each element comes together to make for an intoxicating ambition, and one that fans will surely be able to identify with right off of the bat. With that being said, listen to “On The Other Side of Jackson” at the link below and get hip to the latest out of Roxbury!