Gogo. – “Sauced.” (Prod. Rilla Force)

By: Shamus Hill

In order to properly celebrate his birthday today, Gogo. just unleashed an intoxicating single titled “Sauced.”.

As mentioned during our coverage of soap.wav’s “Did It Again”, Cambridge has quickly become an important hotbed for music within the state of Massachusetts. Gogo. is one of the artists from Cambridge that’s been working tirelessly to maintain his city’s notoriety. Possessing a catalog of music full of alluring bops that take influence from a wide variety of genres, “Sauced.” is only the most recent addition to Gogo.’s already powerful discography.

Rilla Force, who was recently featured on Jymmy Kafka’s “Still There”, showcases exactly why he’s one of the most recruited producers in Massachusetts on this release. The electronic, dancehall-rooted instrumental suits perfectly on Gogo., who makes use of “Sauced.” to exhibit his braggadocios, confident state of mind. He’s more than aware of his talents, and is determined to make 2019 the year that everyone knows exactly who he is.

Listen to “Sauced.” below:


Jymmy Kafka ft. Maka – “Still There” (Prod. Rilla Force)

By: Shamus Hill

Framingham’s Jymmy Kafka makes his debut onto the Graduation Music site today with a heartfelt anthem titled “Still There”. Categorized as “villainous gospel” by the young rapper, this release is one of the most potent within his musical catalog — which already contains a vast amount of depth as is.

“Still There” circulates around the desire to know who’s really in your corner through thick and thin. All parties that had a hand in the making of this track have been grinding relentlessly towards the fulfillment of their dreams, yet long for the ability to be able to share their successes with someone else. Something that many creatives throughout the world experience on a daily basis, “Still There” is a reminder that you’re not alone.

“Said at the end of the night, don’t wanna walk alone // who is still standing? who is still there?”

Maka – “Still There”

Featured on this release is Maka, who’s feel-good vocals add an additional layer of life to this song that generates an incredible amount of replay value. Known for a more island-rooted sound, this release serves as a wondrous switch-up in his typical style. Rilla Force was the man in charge of production here, and once again showcases why he’s one of the go-to producers within the state of Massachusetts. All-in-all this release is simply unflawed, so direct your full attention towards Jymmy Kafka as he’s poised to gain some real traction in MA this year.

Listen to “Still There” below:


TeaMarrr – “Bent Hella” [Prod. Rilla Force]

By: Seamus Fay

One of the best feelings when listening to music is when you hear a new artist and you just know – know that what you’re hearing is not only special, but strikes a chord in you and is undoubtedly something that you’re going to end up telling all of your friends about. Such is the case with TeaMarrr. We have covered a few of her releases on Graduation Music before, but if you weren’t already familiar, then this is an incredibly talented singer that you need to have on your radar. Today, she joins our pages with the warm-weathered anthem, “Bent Hella”.

Laced with soulful, relaxed production from Rilla Force and soft keys to keep everything smoothed over, this track is an instant transportation into the summer no matter where you are or what your situation may be. TeaMarrr’s vocals seemingly float over the instrumental, and by blessing listeners with the alluring effects of her personality on the mic, there’s no doubt that this song is the summer tune that we all needed in our lives. I could go on about this one all day, but I’ll leave it up to you to enjoy for yourself.

Listen to “Bent Hella” at the link below: