PLAD Fine$$e – “Pac-Man” (Prod. Mike Hector)

By: Eden Bekele

Roxbury rapper PLAD Fine$$e teams up with Mike Hector to produce his latest track, “Pac-Man”. After an almost year-long hiatus, the rapper has been on a roll, with this release and his single “Pressure”, which released not even a month earlier, the rapper is quite literally applying pressure. 

For those that are familiar with Fine$$e from his earlier work, “Pac-Man” shows consistency and excitement. The track is only two minutes and five seconds, but it packs a tremendous punch. His inherent confidence shines through with his melodic style and effortless flow, making this track an instant hit.  While I was left wishing for a little more from the track, it’s fair to say that the rising talent is working and we’ll be satisfied soon.

From Roxbury to the world, Fine$$e is on the rise and we look forward to seeing what else he has in store. 

Listen to “Pac-Man” below:


PLAD Fine$$e – “++ stayed the same ++” [Prod. 4oTo Roles]

By: Seamus Fay

It’s been a minute since we last heard new music from Roxbury native and soon-to-be-star, PLAD Fine$$e, but nevertheless, he’s back today to break the silence with a brand new single, “++ stayed the same ++”. Produced by frequent collaborator 4oTo Roles, this track shows off some serious producer-artist chemistry, using Roles’ sparkling production to allow Fine$$e to make an anthemic song out of a melodic style that, until now, fans haven’t really heard from him. And it works seamlessly.

With this, “++ stayed the same ++” marks a sonic progression for PLAD Fine$$e and simultaneously, as the title denotes, a declaration of true-to-self personality. It’s as much applicable to outside listeners as it is impactful for the Roxbury representative himself, and by following universal themes with an addictive instrumental as a backbone, it goes without saying the latest from PLAD Fine$$e is about to do some serious numbers.

This rising talent is making hits with ease, and “++ stayed the same ++” is proof. Be sure to show some love to one of MA’s finest and listen to his new song at the link below!

Plad Fine$$e – “Zebra Print” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

We’ve known for a while that Plad Fine$$e has some serious potential, but his self-titled debut was the cherry on top that confirmed the theory. This Roxbury native holds a certain confidence and wisdom well beyond his musical years, and with that, it only makes sense that he is continuing to mark his name as one of the most notable within Boston’s burgeoning community of rising talents. Today, the Graduation Music favorite is here to make yet another new appearance with the visuals for his 4oTo Roles-produced single, “Zebra Print”.

Shot By @Aplus.visuals and directed by @TomLeary, this video takes fans into a day in the movie-like life of Plad without ever compromising the charismatic presence of the song. The energy is maintained at an incredibly high threshold, and in such a way, this release blesses us with the well-deserved visual companion to an absolute banger of a single. That being said, the stocks have been rising for this young artist for quite some time now, and it looks like they’re not stopping anytime soon.

Watch “Zebra Print” at the link below!

Plad Fine$$e – “Zebra Print” [Prod. 4oTo Roles]

By: Seamus Fay

Considering the widespread success of his self-titled debut mixtape from a few months back, I don’t find it shocking or bold in any way to say that Plad Fine$$e is one of Boston’s most promising representatives right now, ready to take on the music world far beyond his Roxbury origins. He’s done so to an extent, already, and with chilling singles and hard-nosed verses to back the excitement up, Fine$$e doesn’t seem to be slowing down at any point in the near future. Today, the Graduation Music favorite hits our pages once again with a brand new single titled “Zebra Print”.

Produced by frequent collaborator and undeniable hit machine, 4oTo Roles, this track takes Plad’s strengths and puts them on full display, supplying the perfect sonic atmosphere to do so along the way. The unforgiving melodies find themselves running right beside the young talent’s play-no-games lyricism, and in this way, “Zebra Prints” takes off from the first second, never looking back and never letting up the pressure. This release is telling to the vocal style that we have come to know and love Plad Fine$$e for over time, and all in all, “Zebra Print” is yet another reason why he’s got next.

Listen to the latest from the Roxbury native at the link below:

Plad Fine$$e Releases Self-Titled Debut Mixtape

By: Seamus Fay

Just a few weeks ago, I attended a listening party for Plad Fine$$e’s self-titled debut project at IV Boston’s storefront in the North End. Packed with a tight community of fans and friends, the album yielded the same reaction from everyone: a certain look of shock due to genuinely impressive bangers coming one after another, speaking to just how well Plad Fine$$e performs on his long-awaited debut mixtape. Today, we’re happy to help unveil this final product to the people, because if we’re being honest, Plad Fine$$e is one of the main names ready to put Roxbury on the map right now on a national scale.

9 tracks long, Plad Fine$$e does not overstay its welcome, but instead holds the ability to keep fans entertained from the first second to the last with trunk rattling production and fearless flows and rhyme schemes. Plad’s unforgiving stories of ambition, the life he lives, and where he’s destined to go all hit home with a personal sense of triumph, and when added to truly standout beats from names including 4oTo Roles, LoLoTheGod, and Lil Rich, this one is, quite simply, a wrap.

This project has been long-awaited, but now that it’s finally here, I’m proud to say that the Boston front-runner did not disappoint by any means. He’s running a full court press in 2018, and his newest offering is just the first note of what will surely become known as quite the prosperous year for Plad Fine$$e. With that being said, show some love and be sure to bump the new project below.

Plad Fine$$e’s Debut Now Available For Pre-Order

By: Seamus Fay

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Roxbury has yet another rising star on their hands with Plad Fine$$e. Having said that, this young talent is gearing up for the release of his self-titled debut project due out this Friday (1/26). 9 tracks long and never ceasing to bring in an unforgiving wave of energy (based on what we heard at his listening party), this project will most definitely make noise in Boston and beyond, so Plad made sure we could cop it early by making the album for pre-order this past weekend.

You can buy the album for just $3.99 below via iTunes. Be sure to show some love to Roxbury’s own by keeping the full-length debut on repeat this Friday.

Additionally, the tracklist of the project was released with the pre-order and will only contain one feature from none other than Jefe Replay. Check it out below.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 4.22.31 PM.png

CHI – “Starry Knight” [Prod. Christian Yoon & suspicious person]

By: Shamus Hill 

Alongside production from 2020’s own, Christian Yoon, and suspicious person, CHI recently dropped a vibrant, high-paced track named “Starry Knight”. Both a play on words and a reference to Vincent van Gogh’s world-renowned painting, this track speaks volumes towards how CHI recognizes her own talent/potential, and how she will remain as formidable as a knight in order to achieve what she has set out to accomplish. Also notable is the fact that the talented CHI can also be credited with the cover-art on this track.

Off the rip, the stellar production on this one catches the listener’s ear with ease. Both Christian Yoon and suspicious person did an amazing job with the beat on this track, so props to them for working their assess of and coming up with an amazing finished product. The combination of this instrumental and CHI’s lyricism are what truly make this song as dope as it is; I was in the midst of a two-hour drive home, and the second this song dropped, my shitty Chevy Impala instantly felt like a rocket ship.

While CHI has a faster-paced style of delivery on “Starry Knight”, she’s extremely talented at presenting raps/flows that directly hit you, and remain there. It’s evident that CHI spent a great deal of time working with this track, and this most certainly shows when listening to the final product. If this is your first time hearing of CHI, I highly suggest listening to her track with the SuperSmashBroz, Plad Fine$$e, and Lil Rich “Grab It“, and “Holy Moly” as these two songs in particular do an exceptional job at presenting what the young talent is capable of.

Quickly becoming one of the artists I’m most excited to see what they release next, CHI is making strides toward becoming a true voice of the city, so Boston: let’s show her some love. Listen to CHI’s “Starry Knight” (prod. Christian Yoon & suspicious person) below: