Paris – “Everything Is OK” [Official Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Paris graces the Graduation Music site once again, this time with the official music video for his thoughtful track, “Everything Is OK”.

The video for this track does a great job at capturing the essence of this expansive release, which was shot by Tommy Chronic and edited by Paris. Equipped with eye-popping visuals and laid-back dance moves, Paris’ first music video gives viewers a glimpse of the enigmatic individual that he is.

“Everything Is Ok” is an extremely reflective release that circulates around Paris’ previous relationships. Longing to return to the peaceful times that now seem so distant, Paris emphasizes the intensity of the feelings that are currently overwhelming him. At this point in time however, there isn’t much he can do besides learn from his mistakes and move-on. Despite the fact that he may not feel okay in the moment, he understands that everything will work out if he keeps an open mindset and continues pushing forward. A reminder to never take anyone (or anything) for granted, “Everything Is OK” is a truly incredible offering.

Watch the official music video for “Everything Is OK” below:

Paris – “Houston”

By: Seamus Fay

Massachusetts is a land filled with budding talent, and this should come as no surprise. The amount of potential for growth hidden within the state’s borders is even better than ever in recent years, and attesting to this is an incredibly unique young artist going by the name Paris. Today, he’s here on the Graduation Music pages with a thoughtful new song entitled “Houston”. And while we’ve covered Paris on the site before, I must admit that this offering shows his talent off in a beautiful way, much like his last offering, “Mistakes Like This“.

That said, it’s the heavenly keys and soft, sun-soaked instrumentation that make this such an attractive release. Each individual note and each word is delivered with an ample supply of care, and in this way, the entire song seems impulsively emotional. It’s true-to-self and remarkably honest, speaking toward love in ways that prove Paris’ artistry to be something worth keeping an eye on. This rising talent is putting on for Massachusetts, so check him out by clicking play on “Houston” at the link provided below!

Paris – “Mistakes Like This”

By: Seamus Fay

Boston is home to a certain underground energy right now that refuses to be ignored. Circles of artists are steadily making waves, and the more energy that they seem to garner within their own pockets, the more visible they become to prospective fans. With this, I’ve always been aware of the name Paris, but not until now did I really delve deep into the Boston native’s catalog. And thankfully so, my first introduction to his eccentric yet sonically-pleasing collection of music comes with Paris’ latest offering, “Mistakes Like This”.

Taking this one at face value, I’d say that Paris is different, but securely so, in a refreshing kind of way.

That being said, backed by an innocent, soulful array of piano notes and chords, “Mistakes Like This” places honesty above all, as Paris explores his emotions and the world around him with a keen eye for detail. His passionate deliveries shine through lyrics about not even wanting to be famous, and listeners are brought into a compelling world that manifests itself as an unfaltering stream of consciousness. Lyrically, the rising talent defines a mistake and whether it can truly exist in his barrage of thought-provoking rhymes, ultimately marking this track acts as one of many reasons why Boston shouldn’t be sleeping on Paris. In all truth, he’s something special, and we here at Graduation Music have been sleeping for far too long.

Listen to “Mistakes Like This” below: