Connis – “Ditch the Function” + “Planets”

By: Shamus Hill

With a mere two weeks being left in the month of August, the realization that the Summer is essentially on its way out has become apparent for many. To help compliment the softened sensation that often comes paired with this time of year is Connis, who recently recruited Lord Felix, Notebook P, Ricky Sour, and Rilla Force for the delivery of two new tracks titled “Ditch the Function” and “Planets”.

“Ditch the Function” serves as an ode to introverts from all walks of life. Both Connis and Lord Felix have proven to be two of the most advantageous artists out of the Bay State in 2019, and the pair continue down this route as they bounce off of one another with true grace on this release. Connis makes use of his verse to relay some messages surrounding both being alone and working on oneself. He’s not afraid to speak on what it took for him to reach this current point in his life — something that has ultimately attracted a large flock of fans toward Connis’ direction. Brockton’s Lord Felix helps build atop Connis’ verse by reinforcing both the development of a secure temperament and the abandonment of remorsefulness. Nobody is perfect, but it’s the combination of holding one’s head up high and learning from mistakes that Connis and Lord Felix want listeners to know and understand. Ricky Sour, who was in charge of the production on “Ditch the Function”, has had a long history working alongside Connis — with the sonic chemistry exchanged between the duo being one of my favorite aspects of this track.

“Planets” is the second single that Connis released, which features Randolph’s Notebook P on the hook and Rilla Force on production. I was beyond enthusiastic upon seeing that these three talents had finally joined forces, yet still surprised as to how wonderful the output ended up being. Much like many of the verses included on Connis’ debut album, Conn(is), that dropped earlier this year, the Cambridge native continues to rap with a relentless energy. Each line holds a vast amount of weight as the listener is quite literally kept on the edge of their seat throughout the entirety of the listen. In a truly intergalactic fashion, Rilla Force’s usage of synth-rooted 808s help make this instrumental sound like something that’s out of this world, which assists Connis in delivering his thoughts in an unparalleled fashion.

If you still haven’t found yourself within the depths of Connis’ discography up through this point in time, then there’s no better moment than now to begin that journey. Take some time out of your day today and dedicate it towards some of our area’s most refined talents.

Listen to both “Ditch the Function” and “Planets” below:

Lord Felix – ‘In Bloom, Forever’ Album

By: Shamus Hill

It’s been quite the 2019 so far for artists in Massachusetts, with individuals across the state working tirelessly to gain recognition for their talents. Leading the pack by example has been the city of Brockton. Just a couple of weeks ago, Luke Bar$ and Jiles dropped arguably the most potent project that the state has seen in the last few years. Quickly following in their footsteps is Lord Felix, who’s debut album In Bloom, Forever, is a sonic adventure that puts Brockton art on a pedestal.

The content of this project circulates around the various events that have occurred throughout Felix’s life that have molded him into the individual he currently is. Whether it be tumultuous relationships, the pursuit of his goals, or the things he witnessed throughout his adolescence, one parallel exists — Felix is going to continue to thrive in any situation he’s placed in. No matter the scenario, Lord Felix has an innate ability to find the silver lining, which has ultimately assisted him in becoming an extremely formidable person.

Lord Felix performing at album listening party (Photo: Marika)

Recruiting some of his closest Brockton collaborators to help perfect the album (Jiles, MEECH, Clyde Black, Luke Bar$, Ricky Felix, and more), Lord Felix excelled at ensuring that each element of this release was meaningful. Each artist featured had some of their best performances on this project, only helping to reinforce the level of talent prevalent within this area.

“Love Is Fleeting, I Promise” serves as the introduction to In Bloom, Forever, and was certainly a favorite amongst the Graduation Music staff. Full of light-hearted, peaceful guitar rifts and a wondrous vocal performance, it’s here where new listeners can grow accustomed to the vibrant “aura” that Lord Felix possesses:

“You know that the aura so infectious // I make sure that you cannot forget me”

Lord Felix – “Love Is Fleeting, I Promise”

One of the most notable aspects of In Bloom, Forever is the seemingly “random” placement of emotion within the track-list. For example “Blue Valentine” is a short offering that serves as almost a vent session for Lord Felix. The single-verse interlude is layered with Felix’s true feelings about the unclear relationship he has with someone, and just as he’s about to let go of the truth, the track swiftly cuts into “Off Fifth”, a braggadocios song where Lord Felix, Notebook P, and Clyde Black talk their shit. After this, “The Worst Summer Ever” begins which is based around the hardships that Lord Felix endured throughout a specific summer. Bouncing back and fourth between seriousness and light-heartedness, Lord Felix’s In Bloom, Forever serves as a microcosm for the impermanence of life. Tomorrow is going to be vastly different than today, and it’s all about embracing this fact so that we can go into the future with our best foot forward.

Lord Felix has been one of the most hardworking artists in the state for years now, and he’s put everything he’s learned and experienced into In Bloom, Forever. Setting the bar absurdly high for artists in Massachusetts from here-on-out, get hip to Lord Felix now before he’s an international icon.

Listen to In Bloom, Forever below:


Notebook P – “31” [Prod. fourtyfor]

By: Seamus Fay

Here at Graduation Music, we’ve been hip to some energetic talents going by the collective name, DIENUE, for some time now. The refreshing intersection between raw talent and inventive artistry that the group embodies has always been an impressive look, and with this, we’re back today to shine the light on one of the individual members of DIENUE: Notebook P, bere with a brand new single entitled “31”.

Upon my first listen of this song, I was simply blown away. While I always knew that P had some skill to his name, this song certainly caught me off guard as a true testament to his range of prowess, and naturally so, it’s a wonderful sight to see from a fan’s perspective. Hearing Notebook P in the DIENUE context is consistently solid, but seeing the soulful, summer breeze-esque feeling that his latest solo offering lets out is an entirely different story.

With this one, I realized that Notebook P has a clear creative vision and he’s here to paint it in an uncompromising light, artfully utilizing the gorgeous production of fourtyfor as his canvas. I could go on about “31” all day, but I’ll save you some time and let you check it out for yourself. This rising talent absolutely snapped, so be sure to show some love and click play at the link provided below!

Notebook P – “Deal” [Prod. MXXWLL]

By: Seamus Fay

Every once in a while, I’ll hear a song that sets itself aside from the pack by way of gut feeling. Somehow, some way (and I’m not even sure I can capture the feeling with words), a track like this will feel, for lack of a better term, “good for the soul” — a characteristic that rarely comes around but when it does, is truly something special. Such is the case with Randolph native Notebook P and his newest offering, “Deal”. The second I clicked play on this track, I was taken into a bubbling world of sun-soaked melodies and passionate deliveries, so much so to the point where I couldn’t keep this one off of repeat.

Produced by MXXWLL, “Deal” finds its fuel through energeic guitar riffs and groove-filled melodies. Notebook P’s vocals are refreshing in every sense of the word, and the way that he communicates such vivid attraction showcases ample skill. Songs like these are the ones that always end up taking over my summer playlist, and I’m sure that this rising talent’s addition to the collection will be on heavy rotation in my car for the weeks to come. That being said, “Deal” marks some serious potential from Notebook P, so check it out at the link below!