Bouvé – “4 Weeks” [Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Bouvé could most certainly be categorized as a Graduation Music favorite, as the Ipswich-native has concocted a long list of musical successes throughout his tenure as an artist. “4 Weeks” is only the most recent addition to this list, as the hard-working artist blesses fans with both the audio and visual for this release.

Bouvé first skyrocketed onto our radar a few years back when he was still releasing music under the name Booty Bae. Since his change in name, Bouvé has shifted from playful music to songs that revolve around some of the more important aspects of life. Some of these aspects pertain to his family, relationships, and aspirations for the future, however no matter the content, listeners can be assured that the subject-matter will be arranged flawlessly.

“4 Weeks” is a somber track Bouvé utilizes to speak on a few of the hardships that he’s been forced to endure. It’s interesting to note, but Bouvé really possesses the powerful ability to speak to his listeners through the sound of his voice. Whenever he references pain or joy, you can literally feel the underlying emotion that was present when the track was recorded. On songs such as “4 Weeks”, Bouvé formulates sonic structures that really allow him to tug on emotions. Easily one of our favorite releases of his to-date, Bouvé is poised to see a great deal of success as 2019 continues.

Watch the official video for “4 Weeks” below:

Artist: Bouvé (Ipswich, Massachusetts)

Production: Bouvé

Video: Christian Hardy

Bouvé – “You Would Know” [Prod. Heavy Keyzz]

By: Shamus Hill 

Any time I see Bouvé’s name pop up in my SoundCloud stream, I know I’m in for a blessed day. Following the release of his last anthem, “978”, Bouvé returns with another high-quality record, reminding everyone out there that the North Shore possesses some truly tremendous talent.

“You Would Know” features elegant production provided by Heavy Keyzz, allowing Bouvé to really dive into his vocals and provide a concrete sound that aligns with the rest of his catalog. The hook rings out the lines “I passed out in the studio, something only you would know“, conveying the true tension that arises when trying to balance relationships and life goals. When the money and glory aren’t immediate, true love and support are needed more than ever, and a part of Bouvé’s message here is that while this need is prevalent, he won’t sacrifice his goals in life to simply fulfill that need. Bouvé is aware of what he’s destined to be, and won’t give up on that no matter what obstacle comes his way.

That being said, keep Bouvé on your radar because he’s going to be a name you’ll be hearing more and more as 2018 continues. It has been said many times, but the stocks are rising out here and Bouvé is living proof of that. There hasn’t been any looking back following his transition from Booty Bae to Bouvé, and I’m tremendously excited to hear what his next moves will be.

Stream “You Would Know” below: