Millyz – “The Prom”

By: Shamus Hill

Returning to the Graduation Music site today with his first release of 2019 is Millyz. The Cambridge-rapper is one of the more reputable in the state, and “The Prom” is yet another shining example of just how talented he is. With Blanco 2 currently in the works, Millyz is hopping into his bag, gearing up to make his next album his most prominent collection of music to-date.

“The Prom” simply serves a reminder of how Millyz has been living as of late. He’s gaining notoriety across the world, and the more he grows, the more he brings Massachusetts with him. He’s quickly become a spokesperson for the blossoming music scene within the state, so it’ll be interesting to see how he moves throughout the year. Prepare yourself for the release of Millyz’s upcoming project, and dedicate a few moments to hear his first song since “Strawberry Goya”.

Listen to “The Prom” below:

Millyz – “Strawberry Goya”

By: Seamus Fay

2018 has been a monumental year in the career of Cambridge native, Millyz. From flamethrowing verses and freestyles to movie-like visuals, he’s been outworking everybody in his way for the past 12 months, and now, as the year starts to come to its end, Millyz is making sure he delivers his final blows. Today, he’s back on Graduation Music with a brand new music video for the hard-nosed offering “Strawberry Goya”.

Playing upon one of his main strengths, this set of visuals translates Millyz’ unrivaled storytelling capabilities onto the screen without losing any soul in the process. “Strawberry Goya” tells it like it is, and scene by scene, the video follows, telling the story of a man more determined than ever to find his way in the world, against all odds.

Also notable, this release was premiered on WorldStarHipHop’s YouTube channel — a place where the stakes are high and people are more than ready to criticize. However, reading through the comments, Millyz has gained the respect and approval of such a tough audience to please with pure talent and heart. I guess that’s the Cambridge way.

Watch “Strawberry Goya” at the link provided below!

Directed by Boy Vano

Millyz – “Strawberry Goya”

By: Seamus Fay

When Massachusetts rap comes to mind, one of the first names that should stick out is Millyz – a Cambridge-hailing talent who, through the power of dense lyricism and an uncompromising sound, is currently working his way to the top, one song after another. The last time that Millyz made his way to the Graduation Music pages was with the powerful offering, “Strong”, alongside Big Leano, and while we’ve had this one repeat since its release, Millyz is here to bring in the new and keep our heads turned with a brand new heater by the name of “Strawberry Goya”.

Previewed on social media a few weeks back, the anticipation for this one has been quite apparent. Its release marks a huge push for Millyz, as this song should tell you above all things that he’s ready to take the top — and notably so, no one can get in the way of that. “Strawberry Goya” provides an absolute monster of a beat for Millyz to snap over, and by exploring his full arsenal of flows and intricate wordplay, MA’s own is able to push his artistry and place “Strawberry Goya” on the mantle as one of his finest works of music to date.

Millyz has been putting in countless hours at the studio, and this song is a fruit of such intense labor. Be sure to show some love and check it out at the link provided below!

Leano – “Strong” ft. Millyz [Prod. Tee-WaTT]

By: Seamus Fay

When it comes to the rap community in Massachusetts, few names hold more weight than those of Leano and Millyz. Each of the two rising stars have built up comprehensive catalogs of hustle-minded music, and today, in a Jordan-Pippen fashion, they join forces for a hard-hitting new track entitled “Strong”. And just like that, an anthem is made. Whether you’re sitting behind a desk or hustling on the street, the pursuit of the bag is one that both Millyz and Leano both know something about, and they’re sure to make this apparent in “Strong”, dropping off ample wisdom about putting in work and getting to the bag at all costs.

That said, as if putting Leano and Millyz on the same song wasn’t enough, “Strong” also calls on Tee-WaTT to handle the production side of things. Per usual, Tee snapped, and the result is a futuristic, sparkling instrumental that perfectly reflects the underlying aggression of the song. Over this impenetrable sonic background, the verses on this one are some of the finest we’ve heard from either rapper to date. The lyrics tell stories and paint pictures of collecting benjamins, seemingly teaching a class in the art of hustling with two renowned professors leading the way. That said, this collaboration gives listeners everything they expect and more, so make sure you don’t sleep.

Show some love and listen to “Strong” in all of its hard-nosed glory at the link provided below:

Millyz & Statik Selektah – ‘Saints & Sinners’ [Album]

By: Seamus Fay

Watching the rise of Millyz, although still a story in progress, has been a privilege and an inspiration from the very start. The Cambridge always does right his by city, never fails to turn some heads with his versatile supply of flows and cadences, and above all, never compromises the quality or personality of his art. Add all this together, and you have the kind of artist that doesn’t come around too often. Proving his status as an absolute gem, Millyz is back on our pages today with a momentous release in the form of a brand new album entitled Saints & Sinners alongside none other than Boston legend, Statik Selektah.

As Millyz notes in the opening seconds of the album, “I used to want a beat from Statik, now I got an album with him.” This is a moment of undeniable growth for Cambridge’s own, and over the course of 10 songs, he shows us exactly how and why he’s made it to this point of success. Backed by the fitting sonic atmosphere of soulful, sample-heavy production and banging beats one after another, Saints & Sinners is the kind of album that demands to be kept on repeat for hours on end. Both Millyz and Selektah absolutely snapped in their respective roles, and the result is an unbelievable body of work that will undoubtedly withstand the test of time.

Quite frankly, I could talk about this album all day long, but I’ll let you enjoy Saints & Sinners in all of its passionate, honest glory at the link below. This one is going to go down in Boston history.

Millyz X Statik Selektah – “Let It Go” ft. Jadakiss

By: Seamus Fay

Millyz, by way of purely honest lyricism and tightly-wound flows, has not only garnered the respect of the younger generation of Boston artists on the rise, but also some of the older legends such as the ever-venerable Statik Selektah. That is, not to mention legends from far beyond Boston such as Jadakiss. Today, in a special treat of a song, we get to hear all three of these stars come together in the must-listen single, “Let It Go”.

Pointing to the electrifying presence of soulful production, this song immediately marks itself as a moment of great pride for the Cambridge native. Millyz has been working his ass off with numerous stellar releases just from this year, and watching him bar out over Statik production alongside one of the best MCs in the world is nothing short of special. That said, the song really speaks for itself, in this case, so be sure to listen below and show some love to Boston’s own:

KMerc ’57 Columbia’ (Album Review)

By: Shamus Hill 

Cambridge, MA continues to prove to the world that it’s a hotspot for music. From the likes of Connis and Rothstein all the way to Millyz, Cambridge has shown that it possesses a variety of high-caliber artists. Recently, I was hipped to another young talent from the area, KMerc, whose 57 Columbia project dropped last week. It isn’t every day where you discover a new artist with an exceptional debut album, however, that’s the position we find ourselves in today with this ambitious young act.

Upon first listen to 57 Columbia, it’s easy to note the dominant presence which KMerc exhibits over each instrumental. Entirely produced by HD, the pair possesses an exuberant ability to work well with one another. The beats are tailored perfectly towards KMerc’s saucy, emotion-filled sound, which assists in making the project both thorough and cohesive.

Listening through this album, you’ll stumble upon an array of noteworthy tracks. The intro, titled “Intro (Favors)”, is one of those noteworthy songs that deserves mentioning. KMerc comes at you right away with his high-energy vocals, establishing the feel for the remainder of the project. Speaking on not owing anyone any favors and how he’ll achieve his goals on his own if need be, KMerc quickly begins to showcase his high level of talent. “Quicksand”, which features Kye Bills, is the second song on the album, and it’s here where the duo communicate how they won’t be “sinking” anytime soon. Overall, I’m a really big fan of how this track, in particular, was put together, but the continuous Patriots references throughout were what really made me throw this song on repeat.

“Real You” which features AC Gotti and Kye Bills, was an additional favorite of mine. The trio brings some real dancehall vibes into the mix with this record, and I’m 100% here for it. Helping to diversify KMerc’s sound, “Real You” is a shining example of how versatile he really is. “With You” is the second to last song on the project, and it’s here where KMerc offers an emotional, appreciative display towards the girl he loves. An ode to how much more pleasant life is when she’s around, KMerc exhibits the respectable ability to insert truth and feeling into the music he creates. Assisting in bringing this undivided offering to a close, 57 Columbia proves to be an album worth listening to.

I’m beyond excited to see what’s next to come from Cambridge’s newest sensation. He has a large appetite for success, and as his music states, he won’t be letting up whatsoever until he achieves his goals. Keep KMerc on your radar.

Listen to KMerc’s debut album 57 Columbia below: