KyE Nathaniel ft. Cyrus Brxxs – “No Love” (Prod. Kato On The Track) [Official Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

New Bedford’s KyE Nathaniel taps in Cyrus Brxxks and Kato On The Track for “No Love” — an accomplished offering that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entirety of its duration.

From start to finish, “No Love” is a rollercoaster journey that’s full of compelling, playful, and braggadocios lines that lock the listener in a trance. Equipped with references to the Iliad & The Odyssey, WWE, and everything in between — this track truly possesses something for everyone. Both KyE Nathaniel and Cyrus Brxxs don’t waste a single breath, with each of their verses being crafted in an extremely articulate fashion. The high-level of chemistry between this pair of rappers is most definitely apparent on this release, so hopefully they’ll be joining forces once again in the future.

Nate Taber truly excelled at constructing the music video for “No Love”. He successfully inserted an additional layer of lovability and potency to this track through the use of his visual skillset, with this certainly being KyE Nathaniel’s best music video to date. This release is yet another excellent release to come out of New Bedford over the course of 2019, so be sure to turn your eyes toward this city as they aren’t showing even the slightest sign of slowing their pace.

Watch the official music video for “No Love” below:


KyE Nathaniel – “Cole Bennett” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

KyE Nathaniel is an artist best defined by the intersection of technical skill and compelling style that goes into his music. Each song, each verse, and each word is thoughtfully put together in order to maximize the monstrous presence that he possesses when on the mic, and in this way, it only makes sense that the rising talent is on a steady ascent towards the top right now. Today, he’s back on Graduation Music to bless us all with a brand new release entitled “Cole Bennett”, which was inspired by the Chicago videographer himself.

Produced by @aktaktion, this release first finds its identity within mesmerizing melodies that provide an abundance of energy alongside the hard-hitting drums. Nathaniel’s rhymes seemingly float on top of this fitting background, delivering an insane supply of clever lyricism that clearly shows us all why he’s such a promising rising act. That being said, “Cole Bennett” is an unbelievably impressive release to keep the momentum rolling in KyE Nathaniel’s direction, so make sure you don’t sleep.

Click play on the music video at the link below:

Directed By KyE Nathaniel
Filmed By Nathan Taber
Coloring & EFX By Jordan Wozy
Produced by AKT Aktion