Briefcvse – “Collected Fragments” (Prod. Christian Yoon & James)

By: Shamus Hill 

Anyone that’s familiar with Jamaica Plain’s Briefcvse is aware of the fact that he’s an individual in possession of an immense amount of talent. Lyrically-speaking, his skillset is unparalleled, and since his last release, “Edits”, it’s overwhelmingly apparent that he’s showing no signs of stopping. Today, Briefcvse blesses the Graduation Music pages with “Collected Fragments”, a 6-minute-long offering that pieces together four short songs into a masterful piece of work.

If Briefcvse’s discography were to be summarized into one word, I would have to say it’d be honesty. Never once has he shied away from inserting his truest self into his music, which has ultimately become something that has, and will continue, to draw listeners towards his direction. Describing the ideology behind “Collected Fragments”, Briefcvse states:

Collected Fragments is a compilation of four short songs put together into one. Each of these songs are expanded entries from my mood journal put together with different short interludes and foley. It is the closest thing to a musical representation of the inner workings of my brain.

With each release, Briefcvse details the profound instances within his life that have served as major learning points for him. “Collected Fragments” touches upon the aches and pains that the 2020-member has endured on his journey towards becoming the person he’s dreamed of. While accepting the fact that he is by no means “perfect”, he also understands that he can only learn from the trials and tribulations of the past. He’s destined for greatness, and as he continues to follow the good omens of his life, Briefcvse is sure of the fact that he will achieve exactly what it is that he’s supposed to accomplish.

In addition to Briefcvse, there were a handful of other individuals that helped bring “Collected Fragments” to life. Big ups to Christian Yoon and James for perfectly concocting a variety of instrumentals that helped achieve the somber, yet hopeful sound that’s prevalent throughout this release. In addition to them, both Rachel Oswald and Jenny Nguyen knocked it out of the park with their contribution to the “Collected Fragments” cover art, which was incredibly appropriate for the musical content at hand. Briefcvse has always had a knack for incorporating his talented friends into the art that he puts out, and following the release of  “Collected Fragments”, both Briefcvse and his group of friends are really showcasing the fact that they have something to bring to the table. Major shoutout to everyone that was involved with this release.

Listen to Briefcvse’s latest release “Collected Fragments” down below:

Briefcvse – “Edits” [Prod. James & Briefcvse]

By: Seamus Fay

As an artist, the most prominent struggle when creating new art can often be chasing perfection. The truth is, even if we’re all perfectionists, we can only hope to create to the best of our abilities, and in this way, the final product will match our end vision to the closest degree possible. And that’s that. The reason I mention this is because today, we present a special offering to you from Briefcvse — a new single entitled “Edits”, which details this very theme of never thinking our best is good enough. As he describes it in the description of the song on SoundCloud:

This song is about creating and writing. This summer has been difficult for me and this song is about how I never quite think my art is good enough.

With this in mind, the power of “Edits” comes through the authenticity that Briefcvse holds in his vocals. Every bar is jam packed with ample emotion and truth, so much so that listeners almost feel as though they are, in some way, a part of the internal struggle that the song expresses. Images of going back and forth with oneself in mindless chases towards success shed a perfect light on how directionless we can all feel at times, and all in all, this track is a testament to remarkable growth from Briefcvse as an artist. The progression that he has made in his efforts is an inspiration to watch and I truly can’t wait for what’s to come in the future.

That said, I’ll just let the music speak for itself. Check out “Edits” at the link provided below:

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered: James & Briefcvse
Picture Credits: Alpha Fofanah
Edits: Scott Palazzo