Austin Fair – “Chose Up Freestyle” (Prod. Humbeats)

By: Shamus Hill

Chicopee-native, Austin Fair, recently dropped “Chose Up Freestyle”, a layered track where Austin airs out some of what’s been weighing on him mentally. Recruiting Humbeats to lace this track with some mesmerizing production, Austin Fair is on a mission to prove to the world that he’s equipped with what it takes to reach the next level.

Austin Fair and Humbeats have been making music alongside one another for an extremely lengthy period of time, and the chemistry shown between the two cousins becomes overwhelmingly apparent as you listen through “Chose Up Freestyle”. Humbeats has worked his way onto the list of the most-respected producers in the state of Massachusetts, and his talents really shine through on this track.

Austin takes time to clear his mind on “Chose Up Freestyle”, airing out his feelings about the music industry, competition, and personal growth. His main focus has always been developing his craft, and as he continues to add depth to his discography, it’s becoming clear that he’s taking the right steps towards achieving his goals. “Chose Up Freestyle” is another example of how much of a skilled rapper Austin Fair truly is.

Listen to “Chose Up Freestyle” below:

Artist: Austin Fair (Chicopee, Massachusetts)

Production: Humbeats


Donald Grunge – “CowboyTalk”

By: Seamus Fay

From “Guitar Grunge” back in July to “Snake In My Boot” last month and most recently, “Henny Sippa“, 2018 has been a monumental year for Donald Grunge. One release after another, he’s been honing in on his craft, and as a result, we’ve seen some of his most creatively ambitious releases to date in recent months. Needless to say, Grunge is on a win streak right now, and today, he takes all of this energy and puts it toward the release of his long-awaited, highly-anticipated new project, CowboyTalk.

Taking on a Western theme, this tape is eccentric from the cover art all the way to the final seconds of its last song. Grunge pours his heart out into 7 highly-passionate, energetic cuts, leaving it all on the court as he puts forth a noticeably refined version of the “on my own terms” artistry that we’ve grown to love over the years. With production at the hands of local talents including Mike Hector, David Walker, JORD4NEVERDIED, Chris Tophr, Jonny Doobs, Maka, and Humbeats, CowboyTalk picked on a dream team of names to make up its roster, and without a doubt, it paid off. Donald Grunge is here, and he’s here to stay.

StreamCowboyTalk at the link provided below:

Artwork by @gregisonfire

XNDRSOUND – “Phantom/More Wins” [Prod. Bizness Boi & Humbeats]

By: Seamus Fay

Here at Graduation Music, XNDRSOUND has continuously impressed us with each successive time he releases new music. The Randolph native always seems to putting in extra hours in the studio, and by polishing his artistry and expanding the scope of versatility that he possesses, it comes as no surprise that his stocks have seen immense growth in the past year or so. Today, XNDRSOUND is back on our pages with a brand new single entitled “Phantom/More Wins”.

Produced by the lethal combination of Bizness Boi and Humbeats, this ever-so-smooth track takes an ominous approach to let out all of its emotion. Slicing through the aggressive melodies are brutally honest lyrics, leading XNDRSOUND to declare his self-worth and take a massive leap towards doing what’s best for him. This track cuts out the fluff and makes sure that the road to the top is as clear as possible, so much so that it becomes quite the anthem in the process.

Listen to “Phantom/More Wins” at the link provided below:

SuperSmashBroz – “Max Out” ft. Caliph, Reem Skully, & Austin Fair

By: Seamus Fay

Aside from being BMA-nominated best DJs in the state, the SuperSmashBroz are also Boston’s finest facilitators. Look at their summer 2017 project, Family Cookout, for example, in which they connected over 30 Massachusetts-based artists to promote the local music scene and bring to fruition various highly-anticipated collaborations. More recently, take a look at their last project – Code Name: Girls Next Door – in which they saw the talents in Gin Mason and CHI and decided to bring them together for an EP. As you can see, the SmashBroz are constantly connecting the dots, and today, they do so yet again with a new single entitled “Max Out”.

Joining together Caliph, Reem Skully, and Austin Fair all over a backbone of SuperSmashBroz and Humbeats production, this song is yet another example of why the brotherly DJ duo is so important for Massachusetts. In getting these 3 incredible rappers together, they bless us with a mesmerizing display of lyrical prowess and addictive rhythms. Each of these artists, one after another, establish a solid degree of chemistry with the others while also showcasing their own individual talents, and all in all, “Max Out” is just the right song to keep all of our vibes right as the summer winds down to its end.

In the words of the SmashBroz, this is “just a lil somethin’ to get your vibes right“, so make sure you give it a listen at the link provided below:

[PREMIERE] Humbeats – ‘#FutureHumV3’

By: Seamus Fay

Simply put, Randolph producer Humbeats is an absolute workaholic. With credits encapsulating a scope of artists including Millyz, Austin Fair, Blackheart, XNDRSOUND, and more, his production skills have become some of the most prominent in the state, and quite frankly, the stocks are only rising with each successive placement that he receives — a sure sign that Hum is on the road to big things. Today, we here at Graduation Music have the pleasure and privilege to introduce Humbeats’s latest beat tape, #FutureHumV3.

We have been covering songs produced by this promising talent since the very beginnings of our blog, and to see all the growth that Humbeats has undergone as well as being able to collaborate with him for a premiere is truly a full circle moment. That said, the Randolph native’s latest is a culmination of sounds that perfectly reflect this growth. He brings forth other-worldly melodies while supplying an additive of knocking kicks, rhythmic hi-hats and more, only to develop a futuristic soundscape that truly does reflect the presence of “Future Hum”.

That being said, if there’s anyone who is leading the charge of Massachusetts artists toward national recognition right now, its Humbeats, blessing everyone with the beat for their next hit song.

Listen to #FutureHumV3 at the link below and buy beats here!

Reem Skully – “Respect 1st” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Reem Skully has been on Graduation Music’s radar for a minute now, and by way of thoughtful, quality releases, he’s quickly making a name for himself as one of the most impressive rising acts in the city. The last time he made his way to our pages, fans were blessed with the infamous “Airplane Mode” freestyle. Today, maintaining this prowess, Skully drops off his newest song, “Respect 1st”, and it may just be his finest effort to date.

As the title denotes, this release is entirely focused around the venerable stature of an artist like Reem Skully. He’s been doing his thing for quite some time now, and in pursuit of the bag, he holds no hesitation in hustling to get to the destination. This ambitious, hard-working mind does Skully well, as the lyricism on this one is truly second to none when it comes to money-minded anthems.

Topping this off perfectly is sparkling production courtesy of Humbeats, who, like always, is sure to cater perfectly to the artist’s strengths when crafting together an instrumental. The infectious sound of “Respect 1st” is placed alongside motivated scenery in the music video, and overall, this is a perfect release to act as the lead single off of the forthcoming project, SKULLYBABY. That being said, Reem Skully is about to make some serious noise in Boston and beyond, so don’t sleep.

Get ready for the Mattapan native’s full-length effort and in the meantime, keep “Respect 1st” on repeat at the link below!

Blackheart – “WOE” [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

Brockton is currently home to a hotbed of promising talents, and it seems as if every successive week I end up getting hip to yet another new artist from the area. Today, this new artist arrives by the name of Blackheart, with his brand new, 10-track project, WOE, produced by Humbeats & JGONTHEKEYS. And although this may be his Graduation Music debut, I hold no hesitation in saying that Blackheart’s clear creative vision and spotless execution of this vision mark him not so much as a newcomer, but more so as an experienced talent, ready to work towards the top.

That being said, the latest full-length release from the Brockton native acts as a clear testament toward the unwavering ambition that he feels as an artist. Each song on this one possesses an inspiring amount of pure desire to get better and achieve his dreams, and the sound of the music matches right along. Dramatic, crashing drums clash against motivated melodies to mark all 10 tracks as bangers in their own respects, and Blackheart’s looming vocals seemingly boil with passion for the lyrics he’s saying. Top this all off with the burgeoning force of all these elements added together, and you have a hell of a mixtape that everyone needs to give a listen to.

Check out WOE at the link below!