[PREMIERE] Heath240 ft. Jazz Ingram – “Attention”

By: Shamus Hill

Despite all the negativity persistent within the world at this current point in time, Jamaica Plain’s Heath240 is here to provide our readers with some uplifting energy as he releases his latest single, “Attention”, featuring Jazz Ingram.

Those familiar with Heath240’s musical catalog will describe the young artist’s sound as being a concoction of Hip-Hop, Bedroom Pop, Dance, and House music. Coming onto my radar in early 2019, it’s been evident from the jump that Heath240 is a special artist — as “Attention” only helps to further this sentiment.

Enlisting Jazz Ingram to help bring this record to life, Heath240 wants his listeners to understand what it takes to make one’s dreams come to fruition. He’s been working diligently towards becoming the best version of himself, and I’ll be the first to say that he’s succeeding with respect achieving his goals. With the amount of development he’s shown over the course of the last year, it’s safe to say that he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. If this is the first time you’re hearing of Heath240’s name, then definitely be sure to give this track a listen as it’s the perfect microcosm for his discography thus far.

Listen to “Attention” below:

Heath240 – “OFF IT”

By: Shamus Hill

Boston’s Heath240 makes a triumphant return to the Graduation Music pages today with an extremely energetic offering titled “Off It”.

While the track itself may be less than 2 minutes in length, it contains a vast amount of potency that will surely have listeners coming back for more. Heath240 was an unfamiliar name prior to the release of his track “That’s True” earlier this year, and ever since then he’s been working diligently towards the development of his artistry. Just when you think he might be slowing his pace, he hits you with another fiery release that asserts his dominance. Heath240 is nearly finished with his debut project, The Hometown Hero, so be on the lookout for that as he continues down the path towards success.

Listen to “Off It” below:

Heath240 – “That’s True” [Official Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Following his debut onto our site a few weeks back, Heath240 returns today with the official music video for “That’s True”.

Heath has been working diligently towards the development of his sound throughout the last couple of years, and following his last few releases it’s safe to say that he’s in his bag. “That’s True” is assuredly the best component of his discography to date, with the music video only inserting more layers of lovability to the track. With Heath240’s first quarter of 2019 being a successful one, we’re excited to see what the young artist has in store for fans as the year continues to progress.

Watch the official music video for “That’s True” below:

Heath240 – “That’s True”

By: Shamus Hill

Making his debut onto the Graduation Music site today is Boston’s Heath240, who recently gifted listeners with his first release of 2019 –“That’s True”.

Heath240’s most recent track prior to this was “MUDD” featuring Michael Christmas, and it was here that his individualistic style really began to take its form. He’s been working relentlessly towards the development of his artistry, and despite the fact that he’s still in the process of progressing towards his goals — he’s not allowing this facet of life to define his perception of self. This is something that he touches upon in “That’s True”, with the song ultimately being the most prominent release within his catalog of music.

Making use of raspy, yet harmonically-rich vocals that make way for refined flows throughout, this track is a tell-tale sign that Heath240 is heading in the right direction in 2019. Yet another example of just how musically talented the city of Boston is — be sure to keep Heath240 on your radar.

Listen to “That’s True” below:

Heath240 – “That’s True” (Soundcloud)