Lord Felix – ‘In Bloom, Forever’ Album

By: Shamus Hill

It’s been quite the 2019 so far for artists in Massachusetts, with individuals across the state working tirelessly to gain recognition for their talents. Leading the pack by example has been the city of Brockton. Just a couple of weeks ago, Luke Bar$ and Jiles dropped arguably the most potent project that the state has seen in the last few years. Quickly following in their footsteps is Lord Felix, who’s debut album In Bloom, Forever, is a sonic adventure that puts Brockton art on a pedestal.

The content of this project circulates around the various events that have occurred throughout Felix’s life that have molded him into the individual he currently is. Whether it be tumultuous relationships, the pursuit of his goals, or the things he witnessed throughout his adolescence, one parallel exists — Felix is going to continue to thrive in any situation he’s placed in. No matter the scenario, Lord Felix has an innate ability to find the silver lining, which has ultimately assisted him in becoming an extremely formidable person.

Lord Felix performing at album listening party (Photo: Marika)

Recruiting some of his closest Brockton collaborators to help perfect the album (Jiles, MEECH, Clyde Black, Luke Bar$, Ricky Felix, and more), Lord Felix excelled at ensuring that each element of this release was meaningful. Each artist featured had some of their best performances on this project, only helping to reinforce the level of talent prevalent within this area.

“Love Is Fleeting, I Promise” serves as the introduction to In Bloom, Forever, and was certainly a favorite amongst the Graduation Music staff. Full of light-hearted, peaceful guitar rifts and a wondrous vocal performance, it’s here where new listeners can grow accustomed to the vibrant “aura” that Lord Felix possesses:

“You know that the aura so infectious // I make sure that you cannot forget me”

Lord Felix – “Love Is Fleeting, I Promise”

One of the most notable aspects of In Bloom, Forever is the seemingly “random” placement of emotion within the track-list. For example “Blue Valentine” is a short offering that serves as almost a vent session for Lord Felix. The single-verse interlude is layered with Felix’s true feelings about the unclear relationship he has with someone, and just as he’s about to let go of the truth, the track swiftly cuts into “Off Fifth”, a braggadocios song where Lord Felix, Notebook P, and Clyde Black talk their shit. After this, “The Worst Summer Ever” begins which is based around the hardships that Lord Felix endured throughout a specific summer. Bouncing back and fourth between seriousness and light-heartedness, Lord Felix’s In Bloom, Forever serves as a microcosm for the impermanence of life. Tomorrow is going to be vastly different than today, and it’s all about embracing this fact so that we can go into the future with our best foot forward.

Lord Felix has been one of the most hardworking artists in the state for years now, and he’s put everything he’s learned and experienced into In Bloom, Forever. Setting the bar absurdly high for artists in Massachusetts from here-on-out, get hip to Lord Felix now before he’s an international icon.

Listen to In Bloom, Forever below:


Lord Felix – “You Should’ve Killed Me When You Had The Chance” ft. Clyde Black

By: Seamus Fay

It’s always going to be a great day when we receive new music from Lord Felix, and today, he’s here to hit our pages with an incredibly unique and hard-hitting new offering entitled “You Should’ve Killed Me When You Had The Chance” alongside Clyde Black. Here at Graduation Music, Felix is a frequent flyer and a regular name, so we have had the privilege of seeing him achieve immense growth throughout the past year and a half or so as an artist. That being said, in all honesty, I believe that this song is only further proof that Brockton has a star on its hands. Make sure you pay attention as we delve further into it.

Produced by Wonderlust, this song takes to an eclectic, electronic instrumental to provide its own energy, thriving within a sonic environment that doesn’t cease to entertain from the first second to the last. Only adding fuel to the fire, we hear both Felix and Black join forces on this one in an incredibly complementary manner. Their individual styles bounce off of one another with ease, and all in all, this is a remarkable release that proves why Lord Felix is on a rapid path to the top.

Don’t sleep, listen to “You Should’ve Killed Me When You Had The Chance” at the link below:

Clyde Black – “JAMS DEMO” [Prod. Mxxwll Music]

By: Seamus Fay

If you have been following Graduation Music for a while now, you’ve probably heard the name Clyde Black. More specifically, you might have heard of his BETA series that we have covered in the past – a collection of demos used to garner attention around Black’s forthcoming releases as well as showcase the increasingly impressive amount of talent that he has to showcase. Today, in pursuit of new music from both Black and his group, DIENUE, on the way, fans receive the closing offering, “JAMS DEMO”, from the aforementioned series. And trust me when I say that this is not something to sleep on.

Produced by Mxxwll Music, this track finds its identity within a groovy bassline, softly hitting drums, and an abundance of dancing, soulful keys as the cherry on top. Add this to a calmed yet beautiful display of powerful vocals from Clyde Black, and you have the main elements that make “JAMS DEMO” such a memorable release. It may just be a demo on the way towards a full project, but if this is any indication of how far this young talent’s sound has evolved and developed, then fans are in for a real treat coming soon.

Listen to “JAMS DEMO” below:

Clyde Black – “Written DEMO” [Prod. Knxwledge]

By: Seamus Fay

Currently on the road to the release of his forthcoming project, Dīenuē member Clyde Black will be dropping a demo from the tape every Friday to show fans what steps he has taken sound-wise to get to the final product. Not only is this sure to help create a story around such an anticipated mixtape, but it will also clearly highlight the improvements that were made during the creation of it, from sound to lyrics to style and everything in between.

Just yesterday, Black released the first of the demo series with “Written DEMO” – a wonderfully personal track over the tune of a Knxwledge instrumental. The soulful feeling that this one gives off is refreshing, to say the least, and the rising talent definitely does it justice with sharp lyricism and well-placed vocals to make for a fuller sound. And think about, if this is just a demo, the project will undoubtedly make waves in the local scene and launch Clyde Black’s career on the right foot. Listen to “Written DEMO” below and keep an eye out every Friday for a new track.