Bouvé – “4 Weeks” [Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Bouvé could most certainly be categorized as a Graduation Music favorite, as the Ipswich-native has concocted a long list of musical successes throughout his tenure as an artist. “4 Weeks” is only the most recent addition to this list, as the hard-working artist blesses fans with both the audio and visual for this release.

Bouvé first skyrocketed onto our radar a few years back when he was still releasing music under the name Booty Bae. Since his change in name, Bouvé has shifted from playful music to songs that revolve around some of the more important aspects of life. Some of these aspects pertain to his family, relationships, and aspirations for the future, however no matter the content, listeners can be assured that the subject-matter will be arranged flawlessly.

“4 Weeks” is a somber track Bouvé utilizes to speak on a few of the hardships that he’s been forced to endure. It’s interesting to note, but Bouvé really possesses the powerful ability to speak to his listeners through the sound of his voice. Whenever he references pain or joy, you can literally feel the underlying emotion that was present when the track was recorded. On songs such as “4 Weeks”, Bouvé formulates sonic structures that really allow him to tug on emotions. Easily one of our favorite releases of his to-date, Bouvé is poised to see a great deal of success as 2019 continues.

Watch the official video for “4 Weeks” below:

Artist: Bouvé (Ipswich, Massachusetts)

Production: Bouvé

Video: Christian Hardy

BOUVÉ – “Television” [Prod. Krooks N’ Kops]

By: Seamus Fay

If we’re keeping it real right now, BOUVÉ is one of the most promising young hitmakers out of Massachusetts at the moment. He’s had an unbelievable year in 2018 so far, dropping off numerous stellar singles and even garnering a production placement on YG’s new album, Stay Dangerous. In every way thinkable, BOUVÉ’s stocks are on an insuppressible rise, and today, he’s here to keep them on the up with a brand new track entitled “Television”. And quite frankly, it’s one of his finest offerings to date.

Produced by Krooks N’ Kops, the latest from the North Shore representative acts as a declaration of independence and ambition. BOUVÉ is more than ready to fill his rightful spot at the top, and while this means leaving some people in the past, he understands the sacrifices that come with stardom. If someone chooses not to support you, all you can do is let them watch how far you’ll take yourself, especially if it means that the next time they see you will be on TV. That said, “Television” is an undeniable anthem and this will certainly stay on heavy rotation for the weeks to come.

But don’t just take my word for it. Click play at the link provided below:

Bouvé – “Freebies” ft. Major Baby & StupidGenius

By: Seamus Fay

Garnering even more momentum and preparing the fans for their Steady Leanin-hosted Norfside Fourside show this week, Bouvé, Major Baby, and StupidGenius are all here to bless our pages with a brand new banger entitled “Freebies”. But before we can get into the song, we need to get one thing straight. The North Shore is rapidly emerging as one of the most exciting regions in the state in regards to music, and these three acts remain at the forefront of such an exciting shift. That being said, let’s delve a bit deeper into the unbelievable collaboration that they decided to unleash a few days back.

Produced by none other than hit machines Rocktee and Lil Rich, this track immediately finds its supply of energy through hard-nosed drums and twinkling melodies that will remain stuck in your head for weeks on end. Each new verse is brought forth with exuberant energy and a charismatic touch that gives each artist their individuality while still contributing to the team chemistry in whole, and in every aspect, “Freebies” is a star-studded collaboration that proves why the North Shore is coming up so quick right now. There’s no shortage of talent in the area, with Norfside Fourside to act as a manifesto of the hard work going on up there right now.

Listen to “Freebies” below and if you haven’t already, cop tickets to the show here!

Bouvé – “Trust Issues” [Prod. Rocktee]

By: Seamus Fay

Few artists match the level of consistency that Bouvé brings to the table and with that, it only makes sense why he is one of MA’s most promising young artists to come to the spotlight in recent years. Today, adding to the numerous times he has appeared on our pages with new music, Bouvé is back yet again to bless the music world with his newest single, “Trust Issues”. And in all honesty, pertaining to the execution of creative vision as well as having a clear creative vision in the first place, this song is all the proof we need to make the claim that Bouvé’s got next. Seriously.

Produced by Rocktee, “Trust Issues” follows the stage set by its title wonderfully, as lines of triumph, ambition, and a lack of trust clash against one another to form a comprehensive piece, overall. Bouvé is determined to find success through music, all the while trying to brush off any drama that comes with his ascent towards the top. He brings to fruition these themes with a skillful pen, and by basing his emotional lyricism on catchy cadences that any listener can get behind, “Trust Issues” becomes an easy track to throw on repeat all summer long.

Bouvé’s latest is one of his finest works of art to date, so be sure to click play at the link below:

StupidGenius – “Mirage” [Prod. Bouvé]

By: Seamus Fay

It’s always going to be a great day when we receive new music from StupidGenius, and today, fans have been blessed with a warm-weathered anthem entitled “Mirage”. Featuring a guest production credit from none other than Bouvé, this well-deserved collaboration is a clear look into the potential of two of the largest hit machines in Massachusetts right now. The weather is getting warm, it’s about that time when everyone starts releasing music to chase the excitement of the season, and “Mirage” couldn’t have been a better release to kick things off on the right foot.

Featuring production from StupidGenius’s own, Lil Rich, alongside Bouvé, this sparkling beat acts as the perfect sonic background for a group of such positive energy and raw hype. StupidGenius has always been known to hold a certain level of authenticity to their sound, and by focusing on the successes and ambitions that they have both now and in the future, this track acts as a window into this with an exceptionally infectious tint. That being said, “Mirage” is just the song we were all looking forward to in hopes of completing our summer playlists, so be sure not to sleep on the latest offering from StupidGenius and Bouvé – this pairing could most definitely do some damage if they keep working together in the future.

Listen to “Mirage” at the link below.

Bouve – “Not Worried” [Prod. CashMoneyAP]

By: Seamus Fay

Looking at the full scope of Bouve’s catalog, it’s truly incredible to see how many potential hits he has dropped off in recent times, all the while maintaining an incredibly high level of quality and becoming one of MA’s most promising young talents. That being said, he has been featured on Graduation Music numerous times, and today, he’s here to add to the list with a brand new single entitled “Not Worried”. As always seems to be the case, this is the perfect soundtrack to the warm weather on the way, so embrace the mood and make sure you pay attention as we look further into the newest from Bouve.

Produced by CashMoneyAP, you already know that this song goes hard before clicking the play button. The weaving melodies and hard-hitting drums clash wonderfully against Bouve’s carefree, infectious vocals, and in essence, this is an anthemic offering that truly has the potential to be the soundtrack to anyone’s summer soundtrack. With this, there’s really no telling just how high Bouve is about to rise in 2018, as he has already provided ample evidence as to why he could be the next star out of Massachusetts.

Regardless, listen to “Not Worried” below and play this one loud as we enjoy the warm weather.

Bouvé – “You Would Know” [Prod. Heavy Keyzz]

By: Shamus Hill 

Any time I see Bouvé’s name pop up in my SoundCloud stream, I know I’m in for a blessed day. Following the release of his last anthem, “978”, Bouvé returns with another high-quality record, reminding everyone out there that the North Shore possesses some truly tremendous talent.

“You Would Know” features elegant production provided by Heavy Keyzz, allowing Bouvé to really dive into his vocals and provide a concrete sound that aligns with the rest of his catalog. The hook rings out the lines “I passed out in the studio, something only you would know“, conveying the true tension that arises when trying to balance relationships and life goals. When the money and glory aren’t immediate, true love and support are needed more than ever, and a part of Bouvé’s message here is that while this need is prevalent, he won’t sacrifice his goals in life to simply fulfill that need. Bouvé is aware of what he’s destined to be, and won’t give up on that no matter what obstacle comes his way.

That being said, keep Bouvé on your radar because he’s going to be a name you’ll be hearing more and more as 2018 continues. It has been said many times, but the stocks are rising out here and Bouvé is living proof of that. There hasn’t been any looking back following his transition from Booty Bae to Bouvé, and I’m tremendously excited to hear what his next moves will be.

Stream “You Would Know” below: