AK – ‘The Three Freestyle’ [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Roxbury’s own AK has been on Graduation Music’s radar for quite some time now, and presenting the most refined version of his artistry to date, he’s here to take his rightful place in the spotlight once again with a brand new video for “The Three Freestyle”. In all truth, we can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be something special when AK jumps out of the shadows and blesses us with a new release. He doesn’t drop much, but when he does, it goes without saying that he’s going to make it count. Needless to say, such is the case with AK’s latest effort.

Doused in a relentlessly hard-nosed energy, this song finds its energy woven throughout an array of aggressive melodies and trunk-rattling bass kicks. The Roxbury native’s deliveries don’t stop for anyone, and the bar is only brought to the next level when you dissect just how dense his verses truly are. That said, the visuals pair up perfectly with this “play no games” mindset as we watch AK absolutely go off, surrounded by his team as he provides ample as to why he’s ready for the top.

“The Three Freestyle” proves that AK is back, and he’s back with a vengeance. Get hip by clicking play at the link below:

Directed by D Gomez Films

AK – “What You Got In That Bag?”

By: Seamus Fay

As you may recall, Graduation Music premiered a single entitled “On The Other Side of Jackson” on our SoundCloud from Roxbury artist AK about a month ago. Since then, amidst a number of other premieres that we have completed, that one remains one of my favorites. AK’s sound is unlike anyone else’s, and with the charisma and flows to grab the listener’s ear with ease, he’s ready to make some serious noise in Boston and beyond. Now with the city’s momentum behind him and his infectious sound, this rising talent makes his return to our pages today with a brand new single entitled “What You Got In That Bag?”.

Set to the tune of a rapidly-moving, melodic instrumental, this song explores the potential that AK holds when placed within his sweet spot, sonically. The sound is there for the taking, and by floating over the beat and delivering his signature style of dense lyrics and entrancing personality, he gives fans yet another reason to be rooting for the home team on this one. Roxbury has developed a number of standout talents throughout the past few years, and AK is another important act to add to the list. The future is undeniably bright for him and his intoxicating style.

Listen to “What You Got In That Bag?” below:

Graduation Music Presents: ‘Recent Picks’ Playlist

By: Seamus Fay

As you may recall, we recently started a segment by the name of GRADUATION MUSIC RADIO, set to release a new episode every other Monday. This week, due to some technical difficulties, we are postponing the newest episode for a few days. To make up for it, we present to our readers a 15-track playlist of some of our favorite local songs at the moment!

Some tracks are older, some newer, but regardless, these are a few standout releases that you need to get hip to if you weren’t already. Check the playlist out below:

[PREMIERE] AK – “On The Other Side of Jackson”

By: Seamus Fay

At this point, it goes without saying that Roxbury has become the stomping ground for a large portion of the rising stars in Boston’s flourishing music scene right now. Artist after artist, the city never ceases to impress, and today, we’re proud to unveil the latest of these budding talents: AK. He’s been sitting behind the curtains for quite some time now, awaiting the perfect moment to arise from the shadows and make his debut onto the scene, so today, the switch turns – all this hard work is finally prepared and ready for release. Poised to turn some heads with his debut single, “On The Other Side of Jackson”, AK is the next name to know out of Roxbury.

Produced by Nape, the debut single from the local talent holds true to its infectious, rhythmic bounce, garnering attention by way of feeling and lyricism alike. At the very intersection of the two, we can find AK’s noteworthy skills – he holds a unique confidence when on the mic, and in regards to delivery, knows just how to float over a beat with a smooth flow and relaxed cadence. In this light, “On The Other Side of Jackson” is just the right single to introduce the city to AK, and I hold the utmost confidence in saying that he’s ready to make some serious waves with the work he has been putting in.

It’s also important to note that this track should act as the perfect anthem for getting to the bag in 2018. In all of its money-minded, soulful glory, each element comes together to make for an intoxicating ambition, and one that fans will surely be able to identify with right off of the bat. With that being said, listen to “On The Other Side of Jackson” at the link below and get hip to the latest out of Roxbury!