Jack Karowak – “Medicine” [Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Treehouse Audio was one of the most potent releases to come out of Massachusetts in several years, with Jack Karowak and company working tirelessly in order to push out the well-hammered album. “Medicine” ended up being one of the first tracks off of the project to really resonate with me, so I was thrilled to find out that it was next in-line for a visual treatment. Recruiting Xandros to help bring his vision to life, the pair hit it out-of-the-park with this one.

The meaning of “Medicine” lies within the realization that we all need to settle down a bit in order to set our minds straight. Jack paints scenes of rushing towards our goals to the point where we lose sight of what we’ve been working towards to begin with. Once we sit-back and take a moment to maintain our perception of things, we can then move correctly. A beautiful song that’s accompanied by an equally beautiful video, “Medicine” is certainly a highlight within Jack Karowak’s discography.

Watch the official video for “Medicine” below:

Artist: Jack Karowak

Production: David Walker & Triple Beam Brad

Director: Xandros


Gogo – “King Of The Jungle” [Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Gogo and BT Living recently combined forces in order to gift fans with the official visuals for Gogo’s “King Of The Jungle”, an addictive offering that the Graduation Music staff has had in rotation since it dropped this past summer.

Gogo had himself quite the 2018, delivering a handful of melodic masterpieces that have helped him gain a solid position within the Massachusetts music scene. His vocal range allows him to capture a wide variety of emotions in his music, and this attribute is something that I truly believe will assist in lifting Gogo into a universal limelight. The Cambridge-native is yet another example of the immense amount of talent that’s present within the city, and as he settles into 2019 it’s becoming apparent that he’s moving towards having a successful year.

Watch the official video for “King Of The Jungle” below:

Artist: Gogo

Production: Gogo

Director: BT Livin

Creative Director: Sim

Photography: @LexOnOne

Millyz – “Strawberry Goya”

By: Seamus Fay

2018 has been a monumental year in the career of Cambridge native, Millyz. From flamethrowing verses and freestyles to movie-like visuals, he’s been outworking everybody in his way for the past 12 months, and now, as the year starts to come to its end, Millyz is making sure he delivers his final blows. Today, he’s back on Graduation Music with a brand new music video for the hard-nosed offering “Strawberry Goya”.

Playing upon one of his main strengths, this set of visuals translates Millyz’ unrivaled storytelling capabilities onto the screen without losing any soul in the process. “Strawberry Goya” tells it like it is, and scene by scene, the video follows, telling the story of a man more determined than ever to find his way in the world, against all odds.

Also notable, this release was premiered on WorldStarHipHop’s YouTube channel — a place where the stakes are high and people are more than ready to criticize. However, reading through the comments, Millyz has gained the respect and approval of such a tough audience to please with pure talent and heart. I guess that’s the Cambridge way.

Watch “Strawberry Goya” at the link provided below!

Directed by Boy Vano

Chez x Greedy P x Xagi Yung – “Recipe” [Prod. Rellwthewavecap x .vdot]

By: Shamus Hill 

Making their debut onto the Graduation Music site today are GMD Sounds-affiliates, Chez, Greedy P, and Xagi Yung, with the release of their latest video, “Recipe”. New Bedford is quickly becoming one of the Bay State’s hottest pockets for music, with “Recipe” being yet another high-caliber release to come from the area in recent memory.

I was hip to Greedy P’s name from back when he featured on Caliph’s “Right Now” earlier this year, but “Recipe” was actually my first time hearing from Chez and Xagi Yung. Both offered exceptional verses on this track, with Chez utilizing a variety of meticulous cadences, and Xagi Yung making his presence known with addictive melodies. Greedy P stood strong on “Recipe” as well, making sure to take some time to come correct with concrete bars. 

Major props to Bridgez (@bridgez15) who, once again, did a wondrous job on these visuals. If you haven’t before, feel free to glance over some of his past releases as he’s made sure to work with some of the elite artists that New Bedford has to offer. If there’s one thing to put on your New Year’s resolution list for 2019, it’s to keep the city of New Bedford on your radar. With artists such as Chez, Greedy P, Xagi Yung, Caliph, Dave Wayne, and many more pushing out high-quality music, only bright things are to come in the future. 

Watch the video for “Recipe” down below 

Shot by: @bridgez15 

Music by: Chez, Greedy P & Xagi Yung 

Production by: Rellwthewavecap & .vdot

Suriel – “Real Life” [Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill 

Returning to the Graduation Music site today is Suriel, this time with the video for “Real Life” which is brought to us by Hustle.™, a local lifestyle brand based out of Massachusetts. 

“Real Life” was one of my most-listened to tracks off of Suriel’s stellar project, Blank Slate, so I’m thrilled that it was the first record to receive a visual treatment. Hustle™ was the perfect choice for collaboration here, with the message behind “Real Life” being that the ambition to hustle is the only way we’ll get over our tumultuous pasts to achieve our goals in the future. Bringing new life to Blank Slate, this video is only going to further the narrative that Suriel is poised to have a successful 2019.  

Watch the official visuals for Suriel’s “Real Life” down below:

Directed by: Trevor Finney 

Music by: Suriel 

Presented by: Hustle.™

Mike Fellow – “SOUNDWAVES | UNTITLED” [Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill 

Putting an exclamation point on his HOT WINGS EP is Newton’s Mike Fellow following the release of his “SOUNDWAVES | UNTITED” visuals. This video encompasses two of the tracks that were featured on HOT WINGS, “SOUNDWAVELIVEFOREVER” and “UNTITLED”, and does a phenomenal job at portraying the feelings derived from each. 

Will Haworth (@sherylcrowbar) was charged with the task of both directing and editing this video, and it’s safe to say that he was the perfect individual for the job. The introduction of the video features “SOUNDWAVELIVEFOREVER”, which was the first song off of Mike Fellow’s project. The visuals perfectly align alongside the gritty, yet poised attitudes displayed by Fellow throughout the song, as scenery includes the rising talent performing at his EP release party as well as him and his tight-knit group of friends roaming the streets of Boston. While the overall feeling of the track lies somewhere around ambiance and the state of being mellow, the lyrics speak to an entirely different truth. Fellow is more than aware of what he’s had to overcome to reach the point he’s at, and with this knowledge, he’s prepared to take that leap to successfully follow the path that lays in front of him. 

“UNTITLED” is the second track that is featured in this video, and it’s here where Mike Fellow is shown grubbing on some wings and working on music in a friend’s basement. This portion of the video does a great job at displaying the nonchalant/unbothered attitudes that are exhibited by Mike Fellow throughout both his Hot Wings EP and the remainder of his discography. Fellow has the innate ability to concrete flows that keep listeners coming back for more, and he doesn’t cast a shadow of doubt over anything that he does. It’s this persistent, formidable attitude that will assist him in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 

That said, the “SOUNDWAVES | UNTITLED” visuals are here to bring an entirely new sign of life to the Hot Wings EP. This project is one of my personal favorites to come out of the state of Massachusetts this year, so definitely be sure to set some time aside in order to give it a listen. 


Shot by: Will Haworth

Music by: Mike Fellow

FAbzabove – “Henny Sippa” ft. Donald Grunge & Splash Got’Em [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

If you’re looking for some energy to get you through the week, look no further than FAbzabove’s “Henny Sippa”. Anthemic in its nature and addictive in its excitable presence, this song is making waves all throughout Boston right now, and in order to complement this success, FAbz is here to drop off the accompanying visuals via ELEVATOR. Alongside Donald Grunge and Splash Got’Em, this track is proven to have shut down venues (the video has proof), and the music video is ready to spread this hype from Boston to the rest of the world. 

With this, thanks to direction and videography from the all-star himself, Xandros, “Henny Sippa” perfectly captures the ways in which this release has continuously made waves throughout its city of origin. Each of the three artists on the song are known in Boston for their talents, and the firepower that arises from a collaboration between the trio is simply indescribable — just listen to the verses for proof. I could talk about this song and music video all day long, but the point is, “Henny Sippa” is a rallying point for Boston, so let’s treat it as such.

Check out the ELEVATOR-premiered visuals below!

Produced by Maka

Recorded and Mixed by Triple Beam Brad