$ean Wire – “Blue” [Prod. Tropicana Bwoy]

By: Seamus Fay

Just days after the release of his latest phenomenal single, “Sincerely“, $ean Wire is already back to take over headlines today with a brand new single entitled “Blue”. With this track, he displays an incredibly promising direction of creativity, utilizing the immense talents of Tropicana Bwoy to orchestrate things from behind the boards. Needless to say, “Blue” is concise yet entertaining in its approach, and as it goes, Wire has done it again.

Delving a bit further into this one, the mention of a color in the title of a song always contextualizes its sound before fans even click play. In the case of Wire’s latest, he matches the moody, emotional tones of blue that one might expect, attacking this identity from both lyrical and sonic standpoints that make for a noticeably well-executed single. “Blue” is sure to keep Wire’s recent win streak alive, so be sure to show some love and check it out at the link below!


Milky Day – “Pink Yellow Rain” ft. CherryPizza

By: Seamus Fay

Sent to us courtesy of @gregisonfire — one of Graduation Music’s most frequent music discovery consultants, we’re here today to shed light on an artist by the name of Milky Day and his gorgeous new single, “Pink Yellow Rain”. Embodying shades of the colors mentioned in the title, this track is beautiful in the kind of way that transports listeners while it’s playing. The vocals, doused in emotion and dreamy as can be, mix with the intricacies of a soulful pop landscape to make an undeniably addictive track, and the result is something that you simply need to hear.

Alongside CherryPizza, “Pink Yellow Rain” has something for everyone, as it paints landscapes with its sounds and draws out scenes with its lyrics. Milky Day is armed with a pen just as sharp as his vocal skills, and when pairing the contrasting tones of the vocals together, he’s able to create worlds of colors with his music. That said, “Pink Yellow Rain” is incredible, so check it out at the link provided below! 

ASH – “Motionless”

By: Seamus Fay

One of our leading assistants in music discovery here at Graduation Music goes by the tag name @gregisonfire. He’s always keeping an ear out for the talents that we’ll be talking all about tomorrow, and today, it seems he’s struck gold with the discovery of a Boston artist named ASH and her new single, “Motionless”. Paralyzing in its dreamy vocals and true-to-self lyricism, this track struck me as both inimitably authentic and incredibly well-executed, making it a must-listen for all of our readers out there.

While this is my first introduction to ASH’s music, it’s clear already that her creative vision is one purely genuine. Vocally, she reflects on this, offering experiential accounts on the theme of feeling as though you’re simply drifting along in life — “motionless”, as she deems it. Needless to say, this single speaks volumes in its 3 and a half minute duration, and ASH is certainly a talent to watch out for in the future. Get hip by listening to her latest at the link provided below!

BOUVÉ – “Off The Grid” [Prod. IAMNOBODI]

By: Seamus Fay

BOUVÉ is a blue-chip kind of talent. He’s always working toward bigger and better things as an artist, and today, this couldn’t be better exemplified than in his new single, “Off The Grid”. As he states it, BOUVÉ is doing great on his own and sounds sparked with a burst of refined creativity — a thematic lead to this song that explains his refreshing cadences over the crisp instrumentation.

Produced by IAMNOBODI, this track comes straight from the soul without deterring the vision that this MA artist has on his mind, and it couldn’t be better to hear as a fan. BOUVÉ has had quite the prosperous 2018, with “Off The Grid” helping to close things out on an incredible note. I can’t wait for what this rising talent has in store for 2019, so until then, let’s enjoy his musical presence and keep “Off The Grid” on repeat for the weeks to come!

DEADMALL – ‘Deadmall 1’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

Here at Graduation Music, we’ve been covering an artist by the name of Gabe Gill for quite some time now. Gill’s inimitably clear creative vision has made him a beacon of artistic progression in recent months, and in usual fashion, he’s always creating, unveiling his latest creative venture on our pages today: a group by the name DEADMALL alongside fellow artist honeyfitz. Making their presence as a group known, they’re here with a 3-track EP entitled Deadmall 1.

Intricate in its sonic direction and impulsively abstract, this trio of songs sheds light on a well-executed bout of emotional lyricism and gentle production from the group. Their chemistry as musicians is truly second to none, and even when the music seems to take on an off-kilter pattern of style, neither of them fall behind, instead using their energy to push forward their ideas and create some beautiful sounds along the way. Deadmall 1 shows great promise for future releases, so check this one out at the link below and keep your eyes peeled for more from Deadmall hopefully in the near future!

Mixed by Rafael Moure // Mastered by Kevin Butler
Cover Photography by Jacob Bridgman
Cover Illustration by Matthew Bonneau

Donald Grunge – “Snake In My Boot [Prod. Mike Hector)]

By: Seamus Fay

Looking back at some of the Massachusetts artists who really proved their worth in 2018, Donald Grunge needs to be at the top of the list. The eclectic, hyper-creative rising talent never fails to trust his ear for making great music, and consequently, this characteristic has led to some truly impressive additions to Grunge’s catalog in recent months. Today, en route to the 11/30 release of his new project, Donald Grunge is making sure that fans control their anticipation, using an appetizer of a single entitled “Snake In My Boot” to do the trick as we count down the days until the full course.

Produced by none other than Mike Hector, this track uses a simplistic melody and bass-heavy, hard-nosed drum patterns to lay the ground for Grunge’s ranging set of cadences. As always, this choice of production brings out the best in Grunge, as he rides the instrumental with a wide variety of tones and flows to match such compelling lyricism. “Snake In My Boot” proves that we’re about to receive Grunge’s finest work to date, and personally, I can’t wait.

Mixed & Mastered by @BradFeeneyProd

Jonesy – “Aku” [Prod. PapaJxn]

By: Seamus Fay

Coming out of New Haven, Jonesy is an artist who tells it how it is. Lyrically, his character always remains intact no matter what subject matter he takes on, consequently marking him as an up-and-coming talent that Graduation Music has always made sure to pay attention to. Today, Jonesy is back on our pages with an incredible, PapaJxn-produced song entitled “Aku”. Referencing the classic show, Samurai Jack, this offering is sure to hit home with a number of readers, just as it did with me.

That said, the bellowing presence of soul in such a beautiful instrumental is what really makes “Aku” a must-listen. Per usual, Jonesy’s choice of production is seamlessly complementary to his skill set, and only adding fuel to the fire are laid-back deliveries and quotable bars that have remained stuck in my head since my very first listen. “Aku” is a highlight reel for Jonesy, and as such, I would highly recommend that all of our readers give this one a listen. Sit back and click play on this one at the link provided below: