YOUNGFACE – “Mueve Mueve”

By: Shamus Hill

While it may be February — YOUNGFACE has listeners ready to hit the beach with a hookah in hand. “Mueve Mueve” is the latest addition to his rich discography, however, the first in which he speaks entirely in Spanish. Channeling his Guatemalan heritage whilst showcasing yet another example of just how versatile he is — “Mueve Mueve” is a lively release that’ll insert some gleeful energy into your day.

Anyone who frequents the Graduation Music site will recognize YOUNGFACE by name, as he spent his 2018 unleashing a plethora of layered songs that leave a lasting impression on the listener. Typically centered around aspects of love (or lack thereof), YOUNGFACE sticks to the script here — offering an array of emotions over hypnotic, dancehall-infused production. It’s gotten to the point where he unveils a different angle of his artistry with each new release, so there’s no telling what the next additions to his catalog of music will unearth. Whatever the case may be, one thing is set in stone — YOUNGFACE is one of the most skillful artists that the state of Massachusetts has to offer.

Listen to “Mueve Mueve” below:



Gio Shyne – Gully (Prod. hyperviolet)

By: Shamus Hill

Gio Shyne returns to the Graduation Music site today with perhaps his best piece of work yet — a fiery, well-crafted single titled “Gully”. The 2020 member is a on a mission to gift fans with new music every other week for the remainder of the year, and he’s certainly off to a phenomenal start with this release.

Gliding upon some hyperviolet production, Gio Shyne utilizes “Gully” to let his listeners know how he’s been feeling as of late. He’s on a mission towards the fulfillment of his goals, and is willing to jump over any obstacle he comes across during his journey to success. The development he’s showcased throughout his last several releases has been more than promising, with Gio Shyne quickly rising up the ranks of Massachusetts rappers. He’s going to be releasing a long list of tracks throughout this year, so be sure to tune in now before the takeover begins.

Listen to “Gully” below:

Seuss – “Big Dope” (Prod. Jonnydoobs)

By: Shamus Hill

Utilizing some transcendent production at the hands of Jonny Doobs, “Big Dope” is one of Seuss’ most well-tooled releases to date.

Seuss and Jonny Doobs are two names that Graduation Music readers will easily recognize, as they’ve graced our pages a countless amount of times over the course of the last few years. Both individuals have been working diligently towards building up their musical resumes, so it was only fitting that they finally linked up to work on a track.

While this release may be the first collaboration between the two, it doesn’t appear as if it’s going to be the last — as the synchronization between the both of them appears very solid. Seuss cuts into this beat with true precision, ultimately making this song a standout within his deep discography.

Massachusetts is on a mission in 2019, and people like Seuss and Jonny Doobs are going to help us get to our end goal.

Listen to “Big Dope” below:

Mizzie CA$H – “D’usse Love” (Prod. JTK)

By: Shamus Hill

Gracing the Graduation Music site once again is Mizzie CA$H, who recently blessed listeners with his first release of the year. Getting into the mood for Valentine’s Day, Mizzie’s “D’usse Love” reveals a different side to the Boston rapper that fans hadn’t previously been exposed to.

This heartfelt release allows for Mizzie CA$H’s versatility to be brought to the forefront, alluding to how much developmental progress he’s been making overall as an artist. He’s spent the last few months prepping his debut project, Mizziechusetts, and if this release tells us anything, it’s that Mizzie is slated to have his most successful year yet.

Listen to “D’usse Love” below:

Gogo. – “Captian.” (Prod. abu617)

By: Shamus Hill

Making his return to the Graduation Music site today is Gogo., who recently collaborated with abu617 in order to gift fans with “Captian.”.

While the Cambridge-native maintains his usual melodic style here, this release doesn’t have the tropical, shimmering feel that’s typically attached to Gogo.’s discography. He possesses a more serious demeanor on this track, and abu617’s contemplative production allows for Gogo. to relay how he’s been feeling as of late. More than aware of his own talents, Gogo.’s not entertaining the thought of anything that isn’t assisting him in reaching his goals. Embedding himself seamlessly within the instrumental, this release is one of Gogo.’s most addictive to-date.

Listen to “Captian.” below:

King Kade – “ASAP” (Prod. Mike Hector)

By: Shamus Hill

Quincy-native, King Kade, makes his debut on the Graduation Music site today with a Mike Hector-produced track titled “ASAP”.

Following a recent move to LA, King Kade has been devoted towards maintaining a successful career in music. “ASAP” serves as evidence that he’s been on the right track, with this release being one of his most solid to-date. The combination of King Kade’s melodic presence and the vibrant production make for an extremely well-rounded release.

Listen to “ASAP” below:

“NECK & THAT” – Pistola + Froze.40 (Prod. JORD4NEVERDIED + BROKECH1C)

By: Shamus Hill

Both Pistola and Froze.40 are names that have been circulated around the Graduation Music site a large number of times over the course of the last few years. With that being said, we’re thrilled to present the first collaboration between Pistola and Froze.40, a rollercoaster-ride of a song titled “NECK & THAT”.

Building off of the rollercoaster reference, it’s quite literally what listening to this song feels like. Pistola grabs ahold of the hard-hitting JORD4NEVERDIED + BROKECH1C production first, making his presence felt through an addictive, bouncy chorus that’s quickly followed up by SK85!. He helps build the energy until Giuseppe Luv’s explosive verse begins. Froze.40’s tenacious energy has always been an important component of their discography, but the feel provided by this release is unlike any other. No exaggeration, Giuseppe Luv went Super Saiyan on “NECK & THAT”, helping to cement this track as one of the most potent releases out of Boston thus far in 2019.

HUGE props to both JORD4NEVERDIED and BROKECH1C who joined forces to chop up this thunderous instrumental. Their work truly allowed for Pistola, SK85!, and Giuseppe Luv to put their artistry on full display, making “NECK & THAT” the incredible track that it is.

Listen to “Neck & That” below: