Briefcvse – “Sleep Talk” (Prod. Christian Yoon & Briefcvse)

By: Shamus Hill

Gracing the Graduation Music pages once again is Jamaica Plain’s Briefcvse, a grand-sounding artist who’s rapping capabilities are up there with the best in Massachusetts. “Sleep Talk” is his most recent release, and as usual the production comes at the hands of both himself and Christian Yoon. A hypnotic track that was pieced together following a vivid dream that Briefcvse had one night, this song will surely draw some more attention his way.

Briefcvse and Christian Yoon are members of the Boston collective 2020, and this union of young artists have been releasing some of the most potent music to come out of Massachusetts during the last couple of years. Each possess their own unique style, with Briefcvse taking on a more refined approach. He details outfits consisting of corduroys and Reebok classics, whilst making use of a sophisticated vocabulary that speaks volume to his intelligence. Briefcvse morphs into a true storyteller when he’s on the mic, painting vivid imagery that leaves no detail up to chance. His music is nothing short of captivating, with “Sleep Talk” only serving as further evidence of this. Briefcvse is poised to have quite the year, so sit back and enjoy this release as he plots on what’s next to come.

Listen to Briefcvse’s first release of 2019 below:

Artist: Briefcvse

Production: Briefcvse & Christian Yoon


Patrick Michel – “Don Ricardo Drive [Paranoia]” (Prod. Maka)

By: Shamus Hill

It’s been awhile since we’ve had some new Patrick Michel music to listen to, so it goes without saying that the Graduation Music staff is pleased to present you “Don Ricardo Drive [Paranoia]”. Making use of some hard-hitting Maka production, the Brockton-native truly hits this release out of the park.

Brockton, Massachusetts has steadily become one of the state’s biggest hot spots for music, with “Don Ricardo Drive [Paranoia]” being the first successful release to come out of the city in 2019. Patrick Michel has a history of making high-energy music, however this song is most definitely a standout within his discography. He’s preparing his listeners for his next project, which is slated to come out this year, so in the mean time allow “Don Ricardo Drive [Paranoia]” to fill that void.

Listen to Patrick Michel’s first release of the year below:

JORD4NEVERDIED ft. Donald Grunge & Connis – “Pedicure”

By: Shamus Hill

JORD4NEVERDIED recently recruited Donald Grunge and Connis to assemble an infectious single titled “Pedicure”.

Both Grunge and Connis float harmoniously atop some dazzling production at the hands of JORD4NEVERDIED, helping to raise the bar for Massachusetts artists in 2019. The duo utilize this track to gift fans a bit of an insight into their mindset as they brace for the coming year. Artists across the state have been building-up their skillsets, however Grunge and Connis remind everyone of just how high-up on the food chain they are.

Donald Grunge closed his 2018 on a high-note, working alongside some of Massachusetts’ best artists and releasing his debut album, Cowboy Talk. Quickly following in his footsteps is Connis, a native of Cambridge, Mass, who’s gearing up to release his new project titled Conn(is) this year. JORD4NEVERDIED worked equally as hard as these two throughout the last year, establishing a name for himself producing for his group, Froze.40, and a long list of others, whilst releasing music of his own. Be sure to pay attention to these three, as they’re showing no signs of slowing down whatsoever. In a nutshell, “Pedicure” is a telltale sign of what’s next to come for JORD4NEVERDIED, Donald Grunge, and Connis.

Listen to “Pedicure” below:

Artist: Donald Grunge + Connis


Cover Art: Patrick Hicks

Pistola + Mike Hector – “Gang Shit”

By: Shamus Hill

Pistola and Mike Hector just dropped “Gang Shit”, and subsequently the duo have already set the bar high for Massachusetts artists in 2019. The last time they linked up the pair blessed listeners with “Fiji”, one of the best tracks to come out of Boston in 2018, and it’s safe to say that they’re 2 for 2 after listening to their latest release.

Both Pistola and Mike Hector haven’t wasted a moment with regard to building up their resumes over the course of these last few years, with each doing a tremendous job at shining a light onto the levels of talent that are coming out of the Bay State at the moment. Hector cooks up a flawless beat on “Gang Shit”, and is quickly followed-up with some addictive Pistola flows. Anyone that’s listened to the Dorchester-native’s music will find themselves playing this track over-and-over again. We can only be hopeful that Mike Hector and Pistola will continue to work together in the future, as it’s become overwhelmingly apparent that these two have a unique chemistry between each other.

Listen to “Gang Shit” below:

Artist: Pistola

Production: Mike Hector

Mike Fellow – “+ song” (Prod. Trey Graves)

By: Shamus Hill

Mike Fellow’s latest release, “+song”, is a personal offering that paints listeners a crisp vision of the Newton-artist’s mindset as he enters 2019. Dropped after a state of stagnancy, Fellow wants fans to know that he won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Upon first listen, I was instantly blown away by the production capabilities that Trey Graves has in his possession. One of Mike Fellow’s positive attributes has always been beat selection, with “+song” aligning perfectly with the remainder of his discography.

As the track progresses, Fellow takes plenty of time to assert the fact that he understands how much work lies ahead of him. He’s tired of people continuously reminding him of this too. He’s worked tirelessly in order to achieve everything that he has thus far in life, but also understands the fact that he needs to unwind in order to be mentally prepared for what’s ahead. With the new year just beginning, it’s becoming apparent that Mike Fellow has the remedy to see even more success in 2019.

In his second verse, Mike Fellow references a period in his life during the past year where he endured an extremely dark state:

"last year this time
i was in a bedroom with closed blinds
white walls
no designs
sittin on my ass until dinner time n sayin im fine
but now im on my bullshit so dont talk about decline"

This portion of the track is extremely important to listen to, especially if you’re someone who’s found themselves enduring similar circumstances. Mike Fellow is living proof that you’re never alone, and that there’s always going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. As long as we possess the strength to persevere, there’s no amount of evil in this world that we can’t overcome. Mike Fellow displays the power behind his raps once again, so be sure to give this release a listen so you can experience said power for yourself .

Listen to “+song” below:

Artist: Mike Fellow

Production: Trey Graves

FAbzabove – “The Rush” (Prod. StoopKid)

By: Shamus Hill

FAbzabove and StoopKid make their return to the Graduation Music site today, this time with an ambient release titled “The Rush”. The last time this pair combined forces was on FAbzabove’s “3x”, an addictive track that debuted in August of 2017. Putting an end to the collaborative hiatus between the pair, both FAbzabove and StoopKid have put their best foot forward, making “The Rush” a solid offering to start off the year.

If you’re someone that avidly listens to FAbzabove’s discography, you’ll note the fact that this offering is a switch-up in his typical sound. For the most part, FAbzabove’s music is very energetic and in-your-face, however this is not the case with “The Rush”. He takes time to hone his melodic presence on this track, diving into the feelings accompanied by a sudden “rush” of love. Simply put, “The Rush” is a beautiful piece of work that will be sure to stand-out amongst the remainder of FAbzabove’s collection of releases.

Listen to “The Rush” below:

Artist: FAbzabove

Production: StoopKid

Mix/Master: Brad Feeney + Chuck Kennedy

Rothstein – “endless winter freestyle” (Prod. fallen atom)

By: Shamus Hill

Rothstein graces the Graduation Music site once again, this time with his warming new release “endless winter freestyle”. Wonderfully entangling the coziness of the season within the reflective attitudes that the end of the year brings to light, “endless winter freestyle” serves as the perfect soundtrack for your last days of 2018.

Cambridge’s Rothstein has had himself quite the year, as he’s successfully delivered fans his debut album, HIGH WATER, and received over a million streams on his music. Despite his successes though, Rothstein seemingly struggles with whether or not he’s on the correct path in life. While understanding that he’s certainly been making strides towards the fulfillment of his dreams, the end of the year always has us second guessing the true importance of our accomplishments. Finding comfort in discomfort is ultimately the silver lining of “endless winter freestyle”. We may not be 100% sure of what we’re doing in the moment, but as long as we move with our best foot forward, only good things are sure to come.

Every time I write about Rothstein’s music, one thing never fails to remain consistent, and that’s his natural ability to evoke strong emotion through vocals. He quite literally sounds like the morning sun shining on a world covered in ice. Fallen Atom did a phenomenal job with the production of this track, truly helping to cement the “endless winter” feeling that can be derived from the song. If you haven’t yet, please be sure to give this release your undivided attention.

Listen to Rothstein’s “endless winter freestyle” below:

Artist: Rothstein

Production: Fallen Atom