Cousin Stizz – ‘Cold Times’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

Representing Boston with an endless supply of hits, Cousin Stizz has been applying some serious full-court pressure in all of 2018. Just a few weeks back, he blessed us with a three-track EP entitled All Adds Up, and today, he’s here to drop off yet another trio of heaters with Cold Times, housing the songs “Made”, “Butterfly”, and “Brain Freeze”. At the core of the project, Stizz reflects on his rise from the mud to the mountaintops, grateful and energetic as ever. He translates his determination to keep working hard into a collection of anthems that any listener can find inspiration from, and in doing so, reminds us all why he’s starting to realize his full potential as a bona fide star in the world of rap.

That said, sonically, Cold Times represents an important moment for Stizz. As it seems, looking at the last 6 tracks that he has dropped, the Fields Corner native has truly found the sonic direction in which his talents are best applicable. Doused in ethereal, ice-cold melodies and crisp drum patterns, he navigates his way through booming 808s, doing so on his own terms with a diamond-flashing grin to light the way. Stizz really made it, and Cold Times tells listeners that they can do it, too. Especially in rap today, it can feel as though artists are flexing at you rather than doing anything to inspire you, but with our favorite cousin, he always takes listeners right by his side and shows them the way that things can be if we just believe and put in the work.

This is a stellar release to keep the stocks on an insuppressible rise, so show some love to Boston’s own and listen to Cold Times at the link below!


Cam Meekins – ‘Yellow’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

Turning some heads and providing an undeniable anthem with the release of his new song, “Big Joints”, Cam Meekins has been in heavy rotation as of late. Quite apparently, he’s making some of the best music of his life and having ample amounts of fun doing it, so much so that this infectious joy translates right into the Boston-bred artist’s new EP, Yellow. If there’s any project that symbolizes a moment of pure, heart-led artistry, it has to be this one, as Meekins so passionately shows a love for what he does with his latest project. “Big Joints” was a heater in and of itself, but listening to the full EP, it clearly shows that he has even more heat to keep the hot streak coming.

With this, over the span of just 4 tracks, Yellow is able to paint a clear picture of the life that Meekins has been living as of late. What the EP lacks in length it makes up for in soul, offering up hearty deliveries and bellowing vocals that show vivid accounts of what life consists of for the rising talent — and quite frankly, it seems like a great time. Communicating these themes by way of addictive runs and unforgettable lyrics, each and every track on this one is destined to get stuck in your head with ease, even with all of the major rap releases that came out this Friday (at the moment, “Crazy” is stuck on the brain).

Needless to say, Cam Meekins is ready to do some serious numbers with this project, so be sure to show some love and click play on Yellow at the link below!

Maka & Durkin – ‘Waterproof’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

When it comes to the finest of duos in music right now, two of Massachusetts’ own, Maka and Durkin, simply need to come to mind. They proved themselves to be a powerful pair in all of the tropical glory of Another Island, and today, following up the lead single “Malie“, this Jordan-Pippen team is back to drop off yet another collaborative project entitled Waterproof. And quite frankly, it’s some of their finest work to date. I didn’t know how much better it could get from Another Island, but they’ve outdone themselves, and I can’t wait for you to hear.

That being said, over the course of 9 songs, the latest from Maka and Durkin finds them at their most polished forms to date. Durkin’s production brings out the best in Maka, and by riding each beat with an equal supply of effortlessness and melodic touch, Maka makes the most of these addictive sonic backgrounds. One heater after another, this EP brings to fruition a dance-inspiring mood that you simply can’t help but fall in love with, and at its core, it’s an incredibly fun project for listeners to keep on repeat during any and all upcoming functions they may have.

Listen to Waterproof at the link below and hear Maka and Durkin making some of the best music of their careers!

Alejandro Blanco – ‘Risky Business’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

Massachusetts offers an incredibly wide range of talented artists, and our goal here at Graduation Music is to shed light on as many of these acts as possible and get our readers hip to the next stars out of MA. That said, when it comes to the music scene in the state, one artist artist that you simply have to make sure you know goes by the name of Alejandro Blanco. You may remember him from the stellar project, AUGU$T, but even if you don’t, you should understand that this rising talent has been relentlessly churning out hits for quite some time now. He’s on a rapid ascent to the top, and making his case arrives a brand new EP today entitled Risky Business.

8 tracks long, this project is doused in the very artistic elements that made us fall in love with Alejandro Blanco’s music in the first place. His vocals remain at the intersection of sharp and smooth as ever, while lyrically, Blanco has only improved from his past offerings. Sonically, Risky Business finds its identity within the first three tracks, and from there, Blanco is able to remain is his bag while balancing a beautifully cohesive set of sounds on the production side of things at the very same time. In this way, the project is incredibly well put together, so make sure you show some love and click play at the link below. Alejandro Blanco is ready to be a star.

Production by LDG Beats, Love2x, SOUNDSBLVCEY, MORSHABZZ, Ricky Flaire, RoxburySound, and YOUNGINTRUE

KHLyor & JUANPESO – ‘Power Trip’

By: Seamus Fay

If you’ve been following Graduation Music for some time now, it goes without saying that you’ve stumbled upon the name KHLyor at least once or twice while browsing our pages. The Boston native’s music has consistently yielded coverage due to its remarkably smooth presence, and today, in this very same way, Lyor jumps back to the spotlight with a brand new, 2-track offering entitled Power Trip. However, this time, he’s not by himself. Alongside Lyor arrives JUANPESO, who I wasn’t hip to before this mini tape, but certainly came to impress in each of his guest spots on Power Trip.

That said, this drop consists of two songs: “002” produced by Lil King & LJ, and “Iron Man” produced by Lil King. Lyrically, it comes across as one of KHLyor’s most luxurious sets of music to date. Influenced by his extensive background in fashion, the rising talent is able to connect the mediums of fashion and music in a seamless way, and in doing so, he brings to fruition a high level of energy which JUANPESO complements without any degree of friction. The two roll together with a relaxed chemistry, so much so that Power Trip is able to cement its status as a must-listen for anyone reading our pages.

Click play on the latest from KHLyor and JUANPESO at the link below:

Danny Diamonds – ‘For The Record’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

Danny Diamonds is no stranger to our pages here at Graduation Music, and deservedly so, as he continues to utilize pure talent and a charismatic personality to fuel his remarkably strong catalog of music. Today, keeping the full court pressure on and subsequently brightening up our week, we get to hear a brand new EP from Diamonds entitled For The Record. And let me just say, for the record, that this is undoubtedly one of the smoothest projects to come out of Massachusetts this year. No debate.

That said, over a duration of 7 tracks, this tape offers up the most polished version of Danny Diamonds that we have heard to date. His vocals are sharp as ever, his lyrics delivered with a thundering passion, and most importantly, it truly feels as though the rising talent is putting his full heart and soul in every single second of every single song. Also worth mentioning, this project comes equipped with three, previously-heard singles, as it reintroduces “Stuck”, “Pacifier”, and “La La” with a brand new burst of excitement, so much so that they take on new breaths of refreshing energy thanks to the fuel of the other tracks on the tape. So to answer any questions — yes, this is a must-listen.

I could go on about this one all day, but the point is that Danny Diamonds outdid himself. Listen to For The Record at the link below:

Production by Illuid Haller, Glassic, Polyte, K-Rain, Yusei, & Gambi
Feature from Abhi The Nomad

Cousin Stizz – ‘All Adds Up’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

In a week filled with momentous rap releases, one of the standout projects that came out was undoubtedly Cousin Stizz’s latest All Adds Up EP. And sure, I know I’m biased being from Massachusetts, but I truly mean it when I say that this mini release is direct proof that the Fields Corner native is going to be an absolute star. I mentioned it in a tweet earlier this week — the conviction in his voice and overall attitude of the three songs show many facets of Stizz’s skill and mentality at the moment, with the most prevalent being his dead-set vision of success. He’s going to make it, regardless of what may come in the way.

That said, this trio of songs brings to fruition quite possibly Stizz’s most refined artistry to date. The production, handled by the names noted below, is both ominous and determined, hanging onto every bar with futuristic melodies and trap-induced drums. Additionally, Stizz’s charismatic cadences help to supercharge his unforgettable lyricism, and all in all, this EP comes through as a reminder that whatever might be on the way in the future is going to shake things up quite a bit. Stizz is on a mission, and All Adds Up tells us that the direction he’s heading in is straight to the top. Listen at the link below:

Artwork by
Production by ,   &