Daily Discovery: Zado

By: Seamus Fay

In my eyes, one of the most redeeming functions of sustainable music is the ability to transport listeners to distant places, far from reality, wherever that may be. Upon listening to an artist by the name of Zado and his stellar project, Self-Portrait Vol. 1, this is the very feeling I was able to extract from my listening experience.

Over the course of just three songs, Zado works to the concept of the title, painting his own self-portrait with sun-stained instrumentation and dense lyricism. While the Saint Louis talent is able to say a lot in a little amount of time, he doesn’t rush his words, instead choosing to utilize relaxed cadences to bring his points across. Naturally, this slowed-down charisma sparks the emergence of Zado’s embedded Southern charm in his voice, and the rest flows naturally, as listeners can sit back enjoy such inventive sonic direction.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 1.32.09 PM.png

The truth is, with artists like Zado, you don’t need more than 3 songs to really get across a point as long as you do so in a productive way. Self-Portrait Vol. 1 is just as long as it needs to be, and as a listener, the way I know this is because the tape does exactly what it was meant to do: paint a vivid portrait of Zado.

And in just about 11 minutes, listeners get more than just a portrait: we get a masterpiece.

Show some love to Zado and stream this offering at the link provided below!

Daily Discovery: Wesson

By: Seamus Fay

Atlanta is a city filled to the brim with budding talent right now. It seems as though everywhere you look, you can find an ATL native on the rise, but rarer are those that are both on the rise and paving their own path. Simply put, it’s easier to follow in the tracks of rap’s current trends than to create your own trend. However, this is where the art of longevity is compromised and in the long run, diminished.

Today, we’re here to introduce our readers to an Atlanta artist by the name of Wesson. When I first heard the budding talent’s music, the aforementioned art of longevity is what immediately came to mind. Wesson is a breath of fresh air in every sense of the words, and by making music that always sounds and feels just a few steps ahead of his peers, the potential, in this case, is truly limitless.

Taking a more specific look into his catalog, the song “Suicoke” is what first introduced me to the Atlanta native. The presence of undiluted soul and solid, play-no-games lyricism were what immediately hooked me in as both a listener and a fan, and to this day, I never get sick of hearing the slow-burning, sun-soaked opening notes of “Suicoke”. It isn’t the kind of song you pick up and put down in the span of just a few weeks, but rather one that stands its ground for a much longer period of time, constantly reminding you why Wesson is going to be here for the long-run rather than for the internet’s run-and-gun, viral sensation lifespan.

Further so, Wesson’s latest offering, “Let’s Ride Our Heelies to the Cosmos” punctuated this prowess and reminded both myself and other listeners that “Suicoke” was no fluke. His deliveries bleed passion, and with the technical ability to interchange between a number of complex flows, there doesn’t exist any low point in the song. Wesson can simultaneously entertain and connect, so for any readers out there looking to see who’s up next in music, I would highly recommend taking a look at the Atlanta native.

His future is bright, and we here at Graduation Music can’t wait.

Daily Discovery: Kaz Moon

By: Seamus Fay

At the very heart of Graduation Music is music discovery, and today, we have an incredibly special new find to unveil to our readers in the form of Kaz Moon and his latest project, Summerbug. Stumbling upon this one a few weeks back via SoundCloud, Moon’s mature level of artistry is what truly brought me in as a listener right off of the bat. The casual wisdom of his lyrics ranges far beyond the rising talent’s years, providing a unique perspective on life that any listener can relate to. Summerbug is simple in this way, even while willfully delving below the surface and making for one of the most refreshing projects I’ve heard in all of 2018.

That said, the importance of an EP such as this one best arrives in the emotional response that it yields. In just 6 songs, Moon is able show listeners valleys and mountains of feeling, navigating through the both of them with wide eyes and a special knack for translating emotion into lyrics. Whether he drifts through love, confronts life and death, contemplates legacy, or takes any number of other paths, Moon does so on his own terms. He willfully blurs the lines between dreams and reality, mixing heavenly instrumentals with candid, captivating accounts of life and all of its ups and downs. With this, the Summerbug artist proves to be a remarkably developed talent both sonically and stylistically.

The world is in Kaz Moon’s hands, and deserving of some serious noise with this project, I fully believe that he’s capable of doing big things in the near future. Enjoy Summerbug in all of its dreamy glory at the link provided below:

Daily Discovery: KingFrom98

By: Jake O’Brien

Putting all hometown bias aside, today’s Daily Discovery is focused on Boston native Kingfrom98. Around a year ago, this young musician had no real intentions of getting involved in rapping, or the making of music in general. But, as some close friends began to take the idea of a career in music much more serious, he was persuaded to try his hand at creating a song. Since then, Kingfrom98 has blown through a majority of his competition in and around the city of Boston. The incredibly short amount of time it has taken King to create a name for himself in the 617 is something we just cannot overstate, because this early measure of success is just a small preview of what we are sure is to come.

Delivering his lyrics with a level of rich, passive-aggression, Kingfrom98’s words carry a palpable amount of weight as they are verbalized. When combined with a seemingly limitless supply of bars, King’s vocals create a lasting impression on all who listen to his music. As he begins to build a name for himself on social media, we fully expect his following to take off on a larger scale sooner rather than later.

King’s most popular release, a single titled “Seeing Us”, has amassed a whopping 75 thousand plays on Soundcloud and is undoubtedly a major factor in the rapid progress his music has attained. Not only is “Seeing Us” a song that exemplifies the abundant energy brought to the mic by Kingfrom98, but it is also an anthemic track that gives its listeners a hard time in resisting the urge to jump along with the song’s beat and hook. “Seeing Us” also features two other artists, D-Sounds and Steviel, and both give substantial verses that maintain the overall vibe of the song established by Kingfrom98 and producer Deciccio. This is one artist you don’t want to overlook, so make sure you take a peek at his Soundcloud as soon as you get the opportunity!

Daily Discovery: Boslen

By: Jake O’Brien

As we remain persistent in our hunt for underappreciated musicians, our sights have been directed to the Northern portion of the globe as we place the spotlight on an artist from the Vancouver, British Columbia area. Rapper and singer Boslen is a very good musician who, with the right direction and motivation, can undoubtedly transform himself into a prolific artist. Boslen, also known as “Bozzy”, has taken it upon himself to put a city not exactly known for its musical nature on the hip-hop map.

Bringing an intriguing discography piled high with different sounds, Boslen’s music caters to a wide range of listeners. This diversity provides him with a much stronger chance to gain new fans, opposed to the strategies of other one-dimensional musicians. In some of his more intimate tracks, Boslen showcases his ability to convey pure emotion while using an intricate, calculated vocal delivery. This intimacy can be perceived as somewhat of a drug for his listeners, as it is extremely hard to resist coming back to music so deep with emotive content.

Many of those who hear Boslen for the first time are mesmerized by this emotional connectivity, created by a plethora of different melodies and heartfelt lyrics, and are almost certainly made fans not long after. Although Boslen is a fairly gifted singer and songwriter, he knows better than to limit himself to a single sound or genre. Boslen also has tracks where the focal point isn’t exactly on emotion or melody, but on the talent he has for spitting rhymes over 808-filled beats.

Both sides of Boslen appear on his latest project, Motionless, which is essentially a five-track introduction to the Canadian artist’s musical aptitude. Songs like “Poison Boi”, “Modest”, and “Handshake” all provide head-banging production and show Bozzy’s clear knowledge on how to spit consistent heat. On the other hand, tracks “Our Lives” and “Where You Been” give listeners waves upon waves of relaxing, almost meditative feelings. “Motionless” establishes a very strong starting point for Boslen’s career in music, and we can assure you will not be disappointed if you choose to listen to some of his newest work.

Daily Discovery: Pronto

By: Seamus Fay

Few and far in between are the artists that truly strike your ear as both authentic and wildly talented, but when you finally stumble on one, it’s always an unforgettable find. That said, arriving to our pages as the latest Graduation Music discovery today is an artist of this very caliber by the name of Pronto. And trust me when I say you’re going to want to remember this rising talent’s name, as he truly is something special.

Hailing from the sun-soaked land of Georgia, Pronto first crossed my screen earlier this year with his stellar mixtape, No Genre. The project is relentlessly self-aware and remarkably polished, shedding light on a sense of artistry that marks the GA representative as something far more intriguing than your average rapper. Pronto looks at life with a sparkling eye of wisdom that ranges well beyond his years, and in doing so, is able to communicate heavily guarded thoughts on the smallest and largest facets of life — all of which are presented in ways that emphasize the full scope of his lyrical abilities. The music is lyrically dense, but wonderfully refreshing.

Needless to say, I hold the utmost confidence in saying that Pronto is about to reach ears far beyond his home state of Georgia, and I can’t wait to see him prosper in the near future. Get hip to this promising act by checking out his latest visual release for the Earl Sweatshirt-sampling track, “Knight”, at the link below:

Daily Discovery: K. Charles

By: Jake O’Brien

In the past few years, the state of Florida has been exploding with new music. Popular artists such as XXXTentacion, Kodak Black, Denzel Curry, and Lil Pump all call the southern tip of the country their home, and have propelled Florida to new heights in the music industry. Unfortunately, with so many diverse new sounds coming from a single state, countless talented musicians go regrettably unnoticed. With that being said, we present to you an artist based in Florida who is poised for success and longevity in the rap game.

K. Charles is a Miami native who has been making considerable progress in the constantly evolving hip-hop industry of Florida; where young rappers are engaged in a perpetual grapple for respect and exposure. We are here to introduce Charles, not as a new artist, but as one whose talent simply hasn’t received the level of acknowledgment we would expect for an artist as skilled as he is. Music is not merely a recently discovered career path for this young musician, K. Charles carries a respectable amount of experience accompanied by a feverish dedication to the pursuit of his dreams.

Less than a week ago, Charles dropped a new banger, “Georgetown”, on all streaming services. This track has earned him well-deserved exposure on various social media accounts and benefited him greatly in reaching new fans. Popular Instagram accounts such as @OurGenerationMusic and @RapDirect took the time to share “Georgetown” with their followers, and undoubtedly assisted in connecting the Florida artist with a substantially larger audience.

Featuring SK
Video Shot by FWAY Entertainment

Combining an insatiably catchy hook with a wavy, relaxed tone, “Georgetown” showcases an unexpected vocal range as well as the capacity to effortlessly lay down polished bars. Featured rapper SK contributes his own sauce to the single, giving a strong verse at the midway point of the song. “Georgetown” is a short example of the raw capabilities K. Charles has to offer as an artist, and we advise listeners who appreciate all spectrums of hip-hop to check out some of his music through the link provided. Stay tuned for our next Daily Discovery post which will be shared tomorrow!

Daily Discovery: Jack Karowak

By: Jake O’Brien

We can effectively say at Graduation Music that during our time exploring the vast universe of music which Soundcloud has become, we have discovered an immensely talented artist in Massachusetts native Jack Karowak. Rooted in the South Shore, Karowak has the overall potential to bend the music industry to his will; and turn his name into one that is echoed in households across the country. In regard to artistic capabilities, each track released by the South Shore musician comes with unrivaled rhythmic execution, a subtle vocal rasp, and a unique articulative presentation. Karowak’s distinct lyrical flow leaves his audience ultimately captivated, eagerly awaiting what the next line has to offer. Jack Karowak has impressed us in a way where we as listeners can only sit back and applaud his extremely high-level of songwriting.

As of today, the only music made public by Karowak are nine singles all located on Soundcloud. Recently, however, there have been many rumors referring to the possibility of a structured project or an album becoming available in the months to come. Without having the privilege of reviewing a larger body of work, our focus is on one of Jack’s most successful tracks titled “Home”. Not only is this the very first track posted to his Soundcloud profile, but “Home” also boasts the highest number of plays out of every song released by Karowak.

The Taylor King produced single is an emotionally unwound track, made purely for the purpose of relaxation. The opening lines of “Home” are essentially a confession of what it takes to be an aspiring musician in the world today, Karowak explains that “I been working, I ain’t making money / I got this passion they can’t take it from me.” With each spoken lyric coming like a wave washing over, Jack describes various life experiences as the hook approaches. “Home” did not attain a large amount of success by chance, as it is an impressively well put together track which is a must listen for anyone and everyone who enjoys new music.

Check back with us tomorrow for another artist we think you’d love, and in the meantime, be sure to listen to Jack Karowak on his Soundcloud account provided below.