VALLEY – “Dasani” [Prod. KorHefBeatz]

By: Seamus Fay

VALLEY isn’t the kind of artist who needs to speak very often in order to be heard. He moves at his own pace, and even if this means only dropping new music once in a blue moon, it’s always going to be worth it, as VALLEY is sure to turn heads no matter when or where he chooses to make himself present. Today, we see this in full effect as the Dorchester native blesses us with a brand new single entitled “Dasani”.

Produced by KorHefBeatz, this track uses bright production to shed a light on the eclectic style that VALLEY has been perfecting throughout 2018. The world of sound that the budding talent is able to tap into reflects a vision entirely of his own creation, and consequently, it’s tailored perfectly to the strengths of the Dorchester representative both in style and sound. “Dasani” is a bright look toward an even brighter 2019, so make sure you don’t let this one fall through the cracks.

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Young Seuss – “Reflections”

By: Seamus Fay

Making it through 2018 was no easy task. We’ve all experienced different successes, failures, triumphs, and struggles, but the one universal lesson should be that reflection is a must. Whether 2018 was the best year of your life or the worst, understanding how to reflect and learn from your experiences is vital toward having a prosperous 2019. Here to master this skill is Graduation Music favorite Young Seuss with his brand new project, Reflections.

As written in the tape’s description on SoundCloud, Seuss notes the genesis of Reflections as the following:

I fell in love, and I fucked it up. But it found its way back. Travel with me through my many emotions as I show you the reflections of my inner demons, the battles they carry, and the individualistic self-representation of “god” that lives within me.

As one might infer from this description, 2018 has been a year of self-discovery for Seuss. With his latest project, he unravels and breaks down the things he’s failed at as well as the things he’s found hope in, and as a result, we receive the rising talent’s most authentic, heart-led project to date. Reflections is impulsive and emotional in the truest of ways, and if not anything else, it should allow us all the opportunity to reflect on our own version of 2018.

Stream this project below and be sure to show some love to one of Boston’s most promising budding talents!

Michael Christmas – “Say Cheese” & “Sideways”

By: Seamus Fay

For fans of Boston’s budding music scene, I think I speak for us all when I say that new music from Michael Christmas was certainly on our wish lists this year. After all, Role Model was Christmas’ most refined work to date, and with the up-trend of things, it only made sense that he would cap off a prosperous year with a generous gift(s) to all of his supporters. That said, today, Michael Christmas is back on our pages to drop off two brand new presents: “Say Cheese” featuring Elevator Jay and “Sideways”.

Announced just a few days back in the form of a festive infomercial, these singles each give us a taste of the work that Christmas has been putting in since Role Model. His sound and deliveries are only getting sharper, and taking into consideration the contrasting stylistic directions of “Say Cheese” and “Sideways”, it can also be said that Christmas is proving to be versatile as ever. Needless to say, these two songs act as the perfect transitions out of 2018 and into a clear-minded 2019, so be sure not to sleep.

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MyCompiledThoughts – “Fallen Angel”

By: Seamus Fay

Just last week, we here at Graduation Music shined our spotlight on MyCompiledThoughts and his deeply genuine new series of music, the “thought bubble” series. Meant to communicate Thoughts’ deepest emotions and bring something new to the table with each successive entry, this series has proven to make for some of the finest moments of the rising artist’s career to date, and today, this is kept going with the latest “thought bubble” entry: “Fallen Angel”, or Thought Bubble 003.

As described by the man of the hour, himself, the meaning of “Fallen Angel” revolves around the following:

An artist is a messenger and so are angels. You’ve fallen from Heaven to Earth sent here to save as many people as you can. Just like Superman.

Falling in line with this description, the song uses an ethereal, floating instrumental to match up with Thoughts’ energetic vocals. It’s upbeat and downright beautiful, allowing fans a look deep into the heart of such a passionate rising talent. “Fallen Angel” is a fantastic addition to the “thought bubble” series, and it certainly has me excited for what we’ll be receiving next. Be sure to show some love and stream the song on SoundCloud below!

Connis – “Lost It” [Prod. bby._J]

By: Seamus Fay

All throughout 2018, Connis has been throwing away outside expectations and creating the art that he wants to create. The authenticity in his sound has become increasingly noticeable, and by sticking to his own plan, this Cambridge native has become one of the brightest budding stars in the state, without a doubt. Today, as the credits begin to roll on 2018, Connis caps off a fantastic year with a brand new single entitled “Lost It”.

Produced by bby._j, this track may just be a loose release, but the effortlessness in which the smooth instrumentation and genuine lyricism mesh together is something that I could talk about all day long. With “Lost It”, Connis just wants to clear out his closet and get rid of everything he doesn’t wear, which is a sentiment easily applicable to any facet of life that needs a clean-out in order to make room for the new. This song seemingly shreds the old form Connis while watching him grow into an impressive young artist, and with that in mind, it’s a perfect release for the end of a prosperous year. 

Connis is heading into 2019 with a clear, focused mindset, so keep your eye out for him and listen to “Lost It” at the link below!

Cousin Stizz Becomes First Ever Hip-Hop Artist To Win BMA’s Artist of the Year

By: Seamus Fay

For many years, Boston rap was seen merely as a lower-quality little brother of larger nearby cities such as New York. Without the innovative talents or industry infrastructure to make a legitimate push out of this shadow, Boston soon fell behind, failing to become recognized as a hot spot for hip-hop talents. That is, until just recently. 

Throughout the past 6 years or so, new artists, new styles, and new sounds have brought Boston back into the conversation that the city once dreamed of entering. With numerous local artists now making waves far beyond their hometown, the city is experiencing a hip-hop resurgence, full of refreshing talent and up-trending stocks on the heels of collaboration and local support. Boston is working tirelessly to push itself out of this “crabs in a bucket” mentality, all the while refusing to let the city’s history define the ceilings of future success.

With this in mind, today marks a noteworthy occasion in the history of Boston hip-hop, as Cousin Stizz just became the Boston Music Awards’ first ever hip-hop act to win the committee’s highest honor, “Artist of the Year.”

That said, it’s important to note just how prolific the continuous hope for local support outside of those directly involved with the hip-hop community has been throughout this recent hip-hop resurgence. To see Dorchester’s own bring home cement proof of recognition from a city notorious for its relatively poor history in the hip-hop genre is nothing less than monumental, and deservedly so. If not anything else, this moment should act as a reminder that the only limitations for the success of Boston hip-hop are those that the community imposes on itself.

From narrating Celtics commercials to soundtracking Tom Brady’s Instagram videos and winning the most esteemed BMA, Stizz sees far beyond what’s in the way of his success and chooses to focus on the wins that lie past his obstacles. Let this be a lesson for us all.

Thanks, Stizz. And congratulations on a hard-earned win.


By: Seamus Fay

As you may have noticed throughout the past few weeks, Graduation Music’s latest venture is a weekly playlist series entitled Study Abroad. Featuring 12 songs by artists beyond the borders of Massachusetts that we’ve been listening to, the aim of this series is to shed light on music from all over the country, expanding our reach and also hipping our readers to the artists that we believe are up next.

Click play on edition #12 of Study Abroad below and peep the tracklist under the link!


  • Dial Up – Joyride ft. Dave Prime
  • Eloise – TTCL
  • thecoolismac – GFWYK!
  • Dylan Samuel – Bet
  • I Hate Andy – Moods
  • – Clementine
  • Leven Kali – Too High ft. Buddy, Na’kel Smith
  • Safario – I Like Your Glasses Girl
  • Sebastian Mikael – Cards On The Table
  • Fleacoo – #Free400Cor
  • Rio Mutasim – Sharon Tate
  • DoNormaal – Next Week