YOUNGFACE – “Mueve Mueve”

By: Shamus Hill

While it may be February — YOUNGFACE has listeners ready to hit the beach with a hookah in hand. “Mueve Mueve” is the latest addition to his rich discography, however, the first in which he speaks entirely in Spanish. Channeling his Guatemalan heritage whilst showcasing yet another example of just how versatile he is — “Mueve Mueve” is a lively release that’ll insert some gleeful energy into your day.

Anyone who frequents the Graduation Music site will recognize YOUNGFACE by name, as he spent his 2018 unleashing a plethora of layered songs that leave a lasting impression on the listener. Typically centered around aspects of love (or lack thereof), YOUNGFACE sticks to the script here — offering an array of emotions over hypnotic, dancehall-infused production. It’s gotten to the point where he unveils a different angle of his artistry with each new release, so there’s no telling what the next additions to his catalog of music will unearth. Whatever the case may be, one thing is set in stone — YOUNGFACE is one of the most skillful artists that the state of Massachusetts has to offer.

Listen to “Mueve Mueve” below:


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