Chase Murphy – “Hollup” (Prod. Urban Nerd)

By: Shamus Hill

Brookline-native Chase Murphy has proven to be one of the most hardworking individuals in the state, capping off his 2018 with a long list of releases and show appearances that have dramatically boosted his audience.

He’s back on the Graduation Music site today with his first release of 2019, a somber, yet hopeful track titled “Hollup”. Featuring production by Urban Nerd, the pair really excelled at formulating a thorough piece of work. Chase speaks on how he’s struggled to come to terms with the fact that the path towards his destiny is a long one. Feeling like he’s already done more than enough to reach his goals, “Hollup” displays Chase Murphy’s transition in mindset towards a more relaxed, patient mentality. Rather than working himself up about why he isn’t at his end goal yet, he’s prepared to work diligently until he arrives there.

My favorite part of this track is how Chase starts off his verse:

“So this for the local fellas I been rocking with, it ain’t all that special from the window of this rocket ship”

Chase Murphy – “Hollup”

Despite all the success he’s seen this past year, Chase wants to remind everyone that he’s still the normal person he’s always been. It takes an incredible amount of hard-work and dedication to fulfill our goals, and Chase Murphy really wants the other participants within our local music scene to understand this. Rather than quitting when things don’t seem to be working for you, put your head down and go ten times harder. This is the message that shines brightly through this track, and is one that everyone should hear.

Listen to Chase Murphy’s latest release below:

Produced by Urban Nerd (@dallascooper)
Mixed & Mastered by Robie Rowland (@
Artwork by Jack Marcella

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