DomOfTheYear – “HIGH”

By: Shamus Hill

About a month ago, DomOfTheYear released a revitalizing visual for “HIGH”, a relaxed track that puts his artistry on full display.

Sonically speaking, “HIGH” is unflawed. DomOfTheYear powerfully grips the laid-back instrumental as he offers a variety of flows that are continuously on-point. He makes use of vibrant imagery in his lyricism, with this song quite literally being an adventure from start to finish.

Equipped with glamorous scenes throughout Boston, DomOfTheYear and Zachary Lanoue do a wonderful job at capturing the feeling relayed by “HIGH”, whilst showcasing the pride that Dom possesses for where he’s from. Additionally, the video features a live graffiti piece by Techni, truly showcasing the layered art scene that’s prevalent within the Boston area. An overall well-rounded release, DomOfTheYear is gearing up to make some noise this year.

Watch the video for DomOfTheYear’s “HIGH” below:

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