Longlivehshawn – “Setbacks”

By: Seamus Fay

Whenever we get the chance here at Graduation Music to break new Boston talent, best believe we’re going to take it. Today, in this very fashion, we’re excited to showcase an artist by the name of Longlivehshawn with his anthemic single, “Setbacks”. Originally shown to me by none other than the music discovery MVP, @gregisonfire, this offering sparked my interest by way of bellowing, melodious vocals and addictive instrumentation, mixing together to form a must-listen single for all of our readers.

That said, delving a bit further below the surface, “Setbacks” acts as a soundtrack to rebounding from obstacles of any kind, all the while bringing forth a prospect of success that marks the thesis of Longlivehshawn’s determination. Listeners hear the classic “against all odds” commentary in an energetic and naturally entertaining light, providing ample evidence as to why the Boston native is an artist to watch in the first place. He’s honest with himself and where he looks to be in the years to come, and for that, “Setbacks” is a refreshing track to hear.

I’ll be keeping this one on repeat all weekend, and you should, too. Stream this standout offering from Longlivehshawn at the link provided below:

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