LiBossi – “When I’m With You”

By: Seamus Fay

Few artists have an energy as addicting as Dorchester’s own, LiBossi. We’ve covered this budding star on our pages several times in the past, and looking back, it goes without saying that he has only honed in on his skills with each successive offering. This is an artist who knows what he wants to make and will go to the ends of the Earth to make it, resulting in a brilliant, geuine sense of self that is addicting to listen to from a fan’s perspective. That said, LiBossi is back once again today to share his talents with a new single, “When I’m With You”.

Ignited by the aforementioned authenticity, this song utilizes a gorgeous soul sample to accompany LiBossi’s naturally-charismatic cadences. His lyrics, while dense in meaning and subject matter, are tinted by an individualistic charm, and further so, his voice sounds right at home amongst the up-tempo rhythm of the background instrumental. “When I’m With You” is yet another fantastic single to add to the Dorchester native’s catalog, so be sure to stream this one at the link below and keep it on repeat all weekend long!

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