PremoDee – “MeTV” [Prod. RoachBeats]

By: Seamus Fay

PremoDee is a Brockton-based artist who refuses to be anyone but himself. His honesty rings forth as a commanding theme of his lyricism, and further so, this authenticity paves the way for a career fueled solely by speaking one’s truth. In other words, Dee is here to bet on himself, and it’s safe to say that this is a sure bet with the undisputed prowess on his brand new single, “MeTV”. Introspective at its core, this RoachBeats-produced track shows fans exactly where PremoDee is in life at the moment, creating a piece that we can all resonate on some sort of level, personal or not.

With that said, the celestial melody on this one proves to work best amidst such heavy subject matter. The Brockton native delves deep beyond the surface to contemplate the functions of his vices, and at the same time, he counts his blessings while praying for better days to come. PremoDee is honest in a way that we can all learn from, and “MeTV” puts this concept right in front of our eyes to enjoy and embrace. That said, it’s one of the finest offerings from Dee that we’ve received to date, so make sure you don’t sleep.

Show some love to one of Brockton’s most promising new talents and listen to his latest at the link provided below!

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