mikefellow – “En Route” ft. YOUNGFACE [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Known to do some serious damage whenever they join forces, the duo of mikefellow and YOUNGFACE is one that can never be underrated. The chemistry between the two artists is second to none in terms of how they’re able to feed off of one another’s energy, and today, this is apparent as ever in the new music video for one of their recent collaborations, “En Route“. Considering the fast-paced nature of the song, this rapidly-changing, diverse set of scenery is the perfect visual complement, so let’s delve into a bit further.

Directed by @TheChadMow, the “En Route” music video is a moment for mikefellow and YOUNGFACE to show off the energy they’re able to garner outside of the studio. It’s an enticing sight to see fans both new and old alike, and further so, it provides visual context into the process of how a song like “En Route” comes together. That said, we’ve heard these two rising talents alongside one another numerous times in the past, but with their latest, they prove to be on a promising path of growth.

Watch “En Route” at the link below and keep an eye out for mikefellow and YOUNGFACE in the future!

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