By: Seamus Fay

A few months back, scrolling through the endless pages of SoundCloud, I got hip to a rising talent by the name of LilDeathStar by way of a hypnotic song called “Sad Nights”. Best identifiable by its brutally honest account of depression, this song immediately struck my ears as something incredibly unique, and ever since, we’ve been covering all of DeathStar’s new releases here on Graduation Music. Today, we’re here to welcome him back to our pages with the release of a brand new video for “Sad Nights” — a full circle moment as he revisits the very song that made me a fan of his.

Directed by Xandros, this set of visuals finds our hero illustrating his music with ominous imagery and an eye fully pointed toward explaining his inner pains. Deathstar’s lyrics are painfully vivid, and matching this are mesmerizing effects that give the video an otherworldly feel, perfectly complementary to the song. That said, the combination of abstract visual representation meshes with stellar production from KloudBeats, and the result is a must-watch video for all of our readers out there.

LilDeathStar is back and better than ever, so be sure to watch his latest video for “Sad Nights” at the link provided below!

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