Kye Bills – “Shotty Pippen” ft. Chink Blessico

By: Seamus Fay

Kye Bills is a name that we’ve covered once or twice here on Graduation Music in the past, and whenever he comes out with new releases, it’s always an occasion to turn your head and see what the Dorchester native has been up to. As an artist, he’s shown consistent growth in his skillful lyricism and unrivaled storytelling abilities, and today, this is put on full display yet again with Bills’ latest release: “Shotty Pippen” featuring Chink Blessico. Detailing the trials and tribulations of street life, this song is as illustrative as it gets, bringing listeners directly into a day in Bills’ shoes.

That said, addictive in its hazy instrumental and brutally honest, clever charisma, this track is one of Kye Bills’ finest to date. The lethal pairing of Bills and Blessico showcases a sense of seamless chemistry with the way their verses roll into one another, and naturally so, “Shotty Pippen” comes out as a smooth release that never overstays its welcome. Bar after bar, this one is quite dense, so take some time with it, enjoy the slow-burning production, and keep an eye on Kye Bills and Chink Blessico in the future — these two have something special on their hands.

Watch the black and white visuals for “Shotty Pippen” at the link below:

Dir. @FNSFilms
Shot By @ThisisBJames
Produced By Homage

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