Notebook P – “31” [Prod. fourtyfor]

By: Seamus Fay

Here at Graduation Music, we’ve been hip to some energetic talents going by the collective name, DIENUE, for some time now. The refreshing intersection between raw talent and inventive artistry that the group embodies has always been an impressive look, and with this, we’re back today to shine the light on one of the individual members of DIENUE: Notebook P, bere with a brand new single entitled “31”.

Upon my first listen of this song, I was simply blown away. While I always knew that P had some skill to his name, this song certainly caught me off guard as a true testament to his range of prowess, and naturally so, it’s a wonderful sight to see from a fan’s perspective. Hearing Notebook P in the DIENUE context is consistently solid, but seeing the soulful, summer breeze-esque feeling that his latest solo offering lets out is an entirely different story.

With this one, I realized that Notebook P has a clear creative vision and he’s here to paint it in an uncompromising light, artfully utilizing the gorgeous production of fourtyfor as his canvas. I could go on about “31” all day, but I’ll save you some time and let you check it out for yourself. This rising talent absolutely snapped, so be sure to show some love and click play at the link provided below!

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