Cousin Stizz – “Did It” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

From his early days in Fields Corner to now, Cousin Stizz is the kind of artist who will never lose his soul, regardless of how far he makes it. The Boston-bred talent is as true to both himself and his city as can be, and today, he’s here to show this with a brand new video for the success-minded song, “Did It”. Appearing on one of Stizz’s two recent, 3-track EPs, All Adds Up, this video arrives at just the right time to follow up the visual accompaniment for “Made” — yet another instance of the budding star bringing it back home to show the world his city.

With this, only adding fuel to the fire, the “Did It” video the internet just weeks after two of Stizz’s biggest cosigns to date: the first, a spot as the voice of the exciting 2018-19 Celtics and the second, a spot as the soundtrack to one of Tom Brady’s Instagram videos. Boston’s own really did it. And even better, he did it on his own terms, following his own rules. Stizz is a hometown hero for Boston and “Did It” is his theme song. I can’t wait to hear this song playing in the Red Sox locker room after game 4.

Watch the new music video for “Did It” at the link provided below:

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