Marz Spacely – “Boomin Or Somin”

By: Seamus Fay

It’s always a pleasure when we find new artists to post on Graduation Music, and today, our latest discovery arrives in the form of an artist named Marz Spacely with his new song, “Boomin Or Somin”. Hailing from Boston, this rising talent’s unforgettable, street-induced style is what marked him as unique right off the bat for me. Every line is packed with a punch as well as a supply of unapologetic personality, and by showing these skills off the second he graces the mic, Spacely communicates great potential for the future.

In this way, “Boomin Or Somin” finds its identity through pure charisma and power, making it a brutally honest anthem for listeners to latch onto. The conviction in Spacely’s voice denotes that he means every single word he’s saying, and with a delivery this passionate, you simply can’t ignore just how talented the Boston representative really is. “Boomin Or Somin” is a perfect chance to let the world know to pay attention to Spacely in the future, so be sure to show some love and stream the song at the link provided below!

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