Rothstein – “Charcoal [Demo]” ft. Fallen Atom

By: Seamus Fay

Based on my experiences writing for Graduation Music over the past two years, the best music is that which is able to induce authentic emotion and truly paint a picture for the listener to follow. This picture isn’t always a simple, connect-the-dots kind of deal, but regardless, it’s always an extension of the sound and emotion that the artist is able to portray. One of Massachusetts’ finest talents in this department of the art of music goes by the name Rothstein, and today, he’s here to unveil a brand new demo entitled “Charcoal”.

Fueled with the help of bassist and guitar player, Fallen Atom, this track uses a soulful, thumping instrumental to assist in the illustrious capabilities of Rothstein’s vocals. It’s incredibly pure and gentle, blessing listeners with a testament to the raw power of the rising act’s artistry, and even more so exemplifying his innate skill of using the instrumental as a complement to his voice rather than just a backing to the song. “Charcoal” might just be a demo, but it’s a beautiful one at that, so be sure to click play at the link provided below!

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