Mizzie CA$H – “PSA Freestyle”

By: Seamus Fay

If you’ve been following Graduation Music for some time now, it goes without saying that you’re hip to one of the city’s youngest yet brightest stars, Mizzie CA$H. This buzzing name has been on fire over the past year or so with numerous standout releases, and by way of head-spinning flows and brutally honest lyricism, he has to be one of the realest artists out there right now. Today, Mizzie shows us why all signs are pointing to the top with a brand new release entitled “PSA Freestyle”.

And if we’re considering this one a PSA, then it should communicate to fans that Mizzie CA$H isn’t slowing down for anyone — and more than anything, he’s not rapping for fame, but he’s rapping out of truth. Mizzie’s rhymes are rapid-paced while his precision is unmatched, exhibiting a level of lyrical acrobatics that few rappers are truly capable of these days. The accompanying visuals perfectly fit the charismatic tone of the song, as scenes of Mizzie and his team grace the screen over a hard-nosed beat that’s sure to get stuck in your head all day long. “PSA Freestyle” is a declaration toward success for Mizzie CA$H, so show some love and check it out below!

Shot by R.E Films

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