Premo Dee – “The Tab” (Prod. by Emani)

By: Shamus Hill 

Brockton-native Premo Dee makes his debut onto the Graduation Music site today with a smooth new release titled “The Tab”. Sampling Kool and the Gang’s “Summer Madness”, Emani did a phenomenal job with production on this track, achieving a warm, reminiscent feel throughout. Largely centered around late night reflection and restlessness, Premo Dee beautifully showcases his polished raps with this release, adding another well put-together song to his discography and further proving his prowess as a Massachusetts standout.

That said, Premo’s ability to blend his life into his bars is nothing less than astounding. I genuinely possess a feeling of excitement when I see that he’s dropping something new, which can largely be derived from his nonchalant, warming presence over the accompanying instrumental. While his delivery at times seems almost effortless, bar after bar he hits you with a wonderfully well-written line that demands your attention. It’s this combination of easy-going feels and hard-hitting lyrics in Premo Dee’s music that will have listeners returning for more, and he only furthered my belief in this with the release of “The Tab”.

Listen to Premo Dee’s newest release “The Tab” below:

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