Paris – “Houston”

By: Seamus Fay

Massachusetts is a land filled with budding talent, and this should come as no surprise. The amount of potential for growth hidden within the state’s borders is even better than ever in recent years, and attesting to this is an incredibly unique young artist going by the name Paris. Today, he’s here on the Graduation Music pages with a thoughtful new song entitled “Houston”. And while we’ve covered Paris on the site before, I must admit that this offering shows his talent off in a beautiful way, much like his last offering, “Mistakes Like This“.

That said, it’s the heavenly keys and soft, sun-soaked instrumentation that make this such an attractive release. Each individual note and each word is delivered with an ample supply of care, and in this way, the entire song seems impulsively emotional. It’s true-to-self and remarkably honest, speaking toward love in ways that prove Paris’ artistry to be something worth keeping an eye on. This rising talent is putting on for Massachusetts, so check him out by clicking play on “Houston” at the link provided below!

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