By: Seamus Fay

In the past, we here on Graduation Music have referred to YOUNGFACE as a soon-to-be star on several different occasions. The promise that his music holds is refreshing in the best kind of way, and I feel as though the reason that I’m so excited for his future is mostly due to the intersection between creative ambition and pure talent that he so seamlessly embodies. Today, this is shown through the scope of YOUNGFACE’s latest offering, “★”.

On the surface, I felt obligated to love this song because the cover art is from one of my favorite childhood books, The Little Prince. However, once I clicked play I realized that the MA native has done it once again, offering up heartbreakingly beautiful vocals over a smooth acoustic backdrop. This song is the perfect soundtrack to the transition from summer into fall, as it calms things down and really digs deep into the emotional state of YOUNGFACE. Lyrically, “★” is impulsive and vulnerable, but wonderfully so.

That said, the music speaks for itself, in this case — YOUNGFACE’s talent is limitless, and his newest song only furthers this. Show some love and click play at the link provided below:

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