Study Abroad: Edition #5

By: Seamus Fay

As you may have noticed throughout the past few weeks, Graduation Music’s latest venture is a weekly playlist series entitled Study Abroad. Featuring 12 songs by artists beyond the borders of Massachusetts that we’ve been listening to, the aim of this series is to shed light on music from all over the country, expanding our reach and also hipping our readers to the artists that we believe are up next.

Click play on edition #5 of Study Abroad below and peep the tracklist under the link!


Melanie Rosé – Give In
Julian Kaufman – Miciah’s Idea
Akari – fall4u
Michelle – Stuck On U
Julian Kaufman – Dinner At The Dining Hall
Keshore – Rain
Jonesy – ILYBYAF
Medhane – Sky
Claeb Giles – Name
Swarvy + MNDSGN ft. Nia Andrews – A Song About Timing
Senta The Artist – Insane
Luke Diamond – Kimpossible

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