Daily Discovery: Wesson

By: Seamus Fay

Atlanta is a city filled to the brim with budding talent right now. It seems as though everywhere you look, you can find an ATL native on the rise, but rarer are those that are both on the rise and paving their own path. Simply put, it’s easier to follow in the tracks of rap’s current trends than to create your own trend. However, this is where the art of longevity is compromised and in the long run, diminished.

Today, we’re here to introduce our readers to an Atlanta artist by the name of Wesson. When I first heard the budding talent’s music, the aforementioned art of longevity is what immediately came to mind. Wesson is a breath of fresh air in every sense of the words, and by making music that always sounds and feels just a few steps ahead of his peers, the potential, in this case, is truly limitless.

Taking a more specific look into his catalog, the song “Suicoke” is what first introduced me to the Atlanta native. The presence of undiluted soul and solid, play-no-games lyricism were what immediately hooked me in as both a listener and a fan, and to this day, I never get sick of hearing the slow-burning, sun-soaked opening notes of “Suicoke”. It isn’t the kind of song you pick up and put down in the span of just a few weeks, but rather one that stands its ground for a much longer period of time, constantly reminding you why Wesson is going to be here for the long-run rather than for the internet’s run-and-gun, viral sensation lifespan.

Further so, Wesson’s latest offering, “Let’s Ride Our Heelies to the Cosmos” punctuated this prowess and reminded both myself and other listeners that “Suicoke” was no fluke. His deliveries bleed passion, and with the technical ability to interchange between a number of complex flows, there doesn’t exist any low point in the song. Wesson can simultaneously entertain and connect, so for any readers out there looking to see who’s up next in music, I would highly recommend taking a look at the Atlanta native.

His future is bright, and we here at Graduation Music can’t wait.

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