Reem Skully – ‘#SKULLYSEASON’

By: Seamus Fay

It should come as no surprise to our readers that Boston is an undeniable hotbed for budding stars right now. The level of talent in the city shows immense potential for future growth, and amidst the most promising of all these artists is an act going by the name Reem Skully. Taking a look back at each successive release that Skully has graced our pages with, this rising artist always seems to be honing in on his craft and getting better and better. Today, he shows us that he’s not playing around, marking some serious improvement with 4 new offerings properly labeled #SKULLYSEASON.

At their core, the reason these songs work so well together is due to the way in which they’re delivered. Skully’s cadences are playful at times while dead serious at others, and by mixing the two extremes together in such a unique way, he proceeds to craft anthem after anthem, effortless as can be. The latest from Boston’s own shows an unrivaled level of determination toward future successes, and personally, I can’t wait to see the stocks continue to rise in the near future for Reem Skully. #SKULLYSEASON is just proof that he’s about to do big things.

Listen to each of the 4 new songs at the link provided below:

“Respect 1st” & “Panway” Produced By Humbeats
“No Dates” Produced By Lee-Boy
“Mindstate” Produced By IVN

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