Daily Discovery: Kaz Moon

By: Seamus Fay

At the very heart of Graduation Music is music discovery, and today, we have an incredibly special new find to unveil to our readers in the form of Kaz Moon and his latest project, Summerbug. Stumbling upon this one a few weeks back via SoundCloud, Moon’s mature level of artistry is what truly brought me in as a listener right off of the bat. The casual wisdom of his lyrics ranges far beyond the rising talent’s years, providing a unique perspective on life that any listener can relate to. Summerbug is simple in this way, even while willfully delving below the surface and making for one of the most refreshing projects I’ve heard in all of 2018.

That said, the importance of an EP such as this one best arrives in the emotional response that it yields. In just 6 songs, Moon is able show listeners valleys and mountains of feeling, navigating through the both of them with wide eyes and a special knack for translating emotion into lyrics. Whether he drifts through love, confronts life and death, contemplates legacy, or takes any number of other paths, Moon does so on his own terms. He willfully blurs the lines between dreams and reality, mixing heavenly instrumentals with candid, captivating accounts of life and all of its ups and downs. With this, the Summerbug artist proves to be a remarkably developed talent both sonically and stylistically.

The world is in Kaz Moon’s hands, and deserving of some serious noise with this project, I fully believe that he’s capable of doing big things in the near future. Enjoy Summerbug in all of its dreamy glory at the link provided below:

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