Rideordie – “PLAN IT” (Prod. Branchez)

By: Shamus Hill 

Nothing feels better than introducing new artists onto the Graduation Music site, which is exactly what’s happening today with Dark World’s Rideordie (aka Yung Shaman). “PLAN IT”, which utilizes production at the hands of both Branchez and Luka,  is a superb addition to Rideordie’s catalog of music, and it comes paired with some visuals that are both shot and edited by DJ Lucas. Despite taking place in Iowa, the video appears as if it could’ve been shot in Western MA, showcasing how Dark World truly brings a piece of where they’re from to wherever they go.

Prior to becoming hip to Rideordie, I was only aware of Dark World’s DJ Lucas and Reed. After watching this video, it’s clear that the Yung Shaman is dead set on a mission to showcase the extremely high levels of talent and versatility prevalent within the other artists of the 413-based music collective. The unbothered attitude possessed by each member of Dark World is most certainly apparent in Rideordie, especially as he whips around open fields on a go-kart whilst off of a few beers. This pairs perfectly with the jovial, care-free sound that Rideordie possesses on this track. I’m excited to see how he continues to develop sonically as time continues.

The video for “PLAN IT” takes place at this year’s Black Hole Fest in Cedars Falls, Iowa, and helps to give fans a sneak peak into the type of camaraderie prevalent within this tight-knit group of musicians, whom view each other as the best of friends rather than simply co-working artists. Dark World has been a major spark in the Western Massachusetts music scene, which in recent years has been blossoming more than ever. Another shining example of how hard artists are working in our own backyard, Rideordie is on a mission to make a name for himself.

Watch the video for “PLAN IT” down below:

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