Mafeni – “Growing Pains” [Prod. Wasalu]

By: Seamus Fay

It’s been a few months since we last heard new music from Mafeni, but nevertheless, this rising talent is back in the spotlight today to bless us with his latest offering — a single entitled “Growing Pains” produced by Wasalu. Unfortunately, the reason that we receive new music is due to the tragic death of legendary artist Mac Miller. Since his untimely passing, it’s been a rough stretch in the music world, but looking back on Mac’s legacy, songs such as Mafeni’s “Growing Pains” perfectly illustrate why the Pittsburgh-bred artist was so important in the first place.

Over a backdrop of solemn, therapeutic sounds and a relaxed drum pattern, Mafeni lets out a heart-led delivery of the intersection between growth and pain. He notes the demons that take him over, and looking at the vices that provide a sense of comfort in these tough times, the highly-talented artist bellows out a melancholic undertone of sadness and despair. “Growing Pains” may be surrounded in pain, but the fact that Mafeni is able to speak so openly and honestly about his lowest points brings us back around to the influence of Mac Miller, who so fearlessly documented his highs and lows in ways that few artists are ever able to come to terms with.

The end of the song quotes Miller as he speaks on the odd beauty that arises in these isolated, depressive states of mind, allowing “Growing Pains” to come full circle as a beautiful tribute to an artist that will never be forgotten. Listen at the link below and tell those around you love them today. You never know what that can do for someone in a given moment.

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