Gio $hyne – “Angelz” [Prod. A0rta]

By: Seamus Fay

If you’ve been following Graduation Music for some time now, it goes without saying that at one point or another, you’ve probably stumbled upon the name Gio $hyne. Hailing from Dorchester, this rising act has always been on my radar as a noteworthy young talent and a true testament to the promise of the city’s music scene. Today, he hits our pages yet again with a slow-burning new single entitled “Angelz”. Produced by A0rta, this might just be one of $hyne’s finest offerings to date. His artistry is becoming increasingly refined with each release, and we’ve noticed immense growth from the Dorchester native in recent months.

That said, “Angelz” seems to work so well mainly due to the melancholy, tripped-out sound and feel. $hyne slows his deliveries and is sure to ride the dimly-lit mood with hypnotic cadences, offering a lyrical performance that perfectly fits the bill in this very way. With songs like this one to act as support, it goes without saying that Gio $hyne’s sound has the ability to make waves far beyond the borders of Dorchester, and to see that success, I can’t wait. Also notable, this track arrives as the follow-up to the anthemic “Buzzin'”, marking two hits that have arrived from $hyne just in the past few weeks.

This rising talent is definitely on a hot streak right now, so keep your eyes peeled for future releases and check out “Angelz” at the link provided below:

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