Daily Discovery: KingFrom98

By: Jake O’Brien

Putting all hometown bias aside, today’s Daily Discovery is focused on Boston native Kingfrom98. Around a year ago, this young musician had no real intentions of getting involved in rapping, or the making of music in general. But, as some close friends began to take the idea of a career in music much more serious, he was persuaded to try his hand at creating a song. Since then, Kingfrom98 has blown through a majority of his competition in and around the city of Boston. The incredibly short amount of time it has taken King to create a name for himself in the 617 is something we just cannot overstate, because this early measure of success is just a small preview of what we are sure is to come.

Delivering his lyrics with a level of rich, passive-aggression, Kingfrom98’s words carry a palpable amount of weight as they are verbalized. When combined with a seemingly limitless supply of bars, King’s vocals create a lasting impression on all who listen to his music. As he begins to build a name for himself on social media, we fully expect his following to take off on a larger scale sooner rather than later.

King’s most popular release, a single titled “Seeing Us”, has amassed a whopping 75 thousand plays on Soundcloud and is undoubtedly a major factor in the rapid progress his music has attained. Not only is “Seeing Us” a song that exemplifies the abundant energy brought to the mic by Kingfrom98, but it is also an anthemic track that gives its listeners a hard time in resisting the urge to jump along with the song’s beat and hook. “Seeing Us” also features two other artists, D-Sounds and Steviel, and both give substantial verses that maintain the overall vibe of the song established by Kingfrom98 and producer Deciccio. This is one artist you don’t want to overlook, so make sure you take a peek at his Soundcloud as soon as you get the opportunity!

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