Leano – “Strong” ft. Millyz [Prod. Tee-WaTT]

By: Seamus Fay

When it comes to the rap community in Massachusetts, few names hold more weight than those of Leano and Millyz. Each of the two rising stars have built up comprehensive catalogs of hustle-minded music, and today, in a Jordan-Pippen fashion, they join forces for a hard-hitting new track entitled “Strong”. And just like that, an anthem is made. Whether you’re sitting behind a desk or hustling on the street, the pursuit of the bag is one that both Millyz and Leano both know something about, and they’re sure to make this apparent in “Strong”, dropping off ample wisdom about putting in work and getting to the bag at all costs.

That said, as if putting Leano and Millyz on the same song wasn’t enough, “Strong” also calls on Tee-WaTT to handle the production side of things. Per usual, Tee snapped, and the result is a futuristic, sparkling instrumental that perfectly reflects the underlying aggression of the song. Over this impenetrable sonic background, the verses on this one are some of the finest we’ve heard from either rapper to date. The lyrics tell stories and paint pictures of collecting benjamins, seemingly teaching a class in the art of hustling with two renowned professors leading the way. That said, this collaboration gives listeners everything they expect and more, so make sure you don’t sleep.

Show some love and listen to “Strong” in all of its hard-nosed glory at the link provided below:

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