Daily Discovery: Boslen

By: Jake O’Brien

As we remain persistent in our hunt for underappreciated musicians, our sights have been directed to the Northern portion of the globe as we place the spotlight on an artist from the Vancouver, British Columbia area. Rapper and singer Boslen is a very good musician who, with the right direction and motivation, can undoubtedly transform himself into a prolific artist. Boslen, also known as “Bozzy”, has taken it upon himself to put a city not exactly known for its musical nature on the hip-hop map.

Bringing an intriguing discography piled high with different sounds, Boslen’s music caters to a wide range of listeners. This diversity provides him with a much stronger chance to gain new fans, opposed to the strategies of other one-dimensional musicians. In some of his more intimate tracks, Boslen showcases his ability to convey pure emotion while using an intricate, calculated vocal delivery. This intimacy can be perceived as somewhat of a drug for his listeners, as it is extremely hard to resist coming back to music so deep with emotive content.

Many of those who hear Boslen for the first time are mesmerized by this emotional connectivity, created by a plethora of different melodies and heartfelt lyrics, and are almost certainly made fans not long after. Although Boslen is a fairly gifted singer and songwriter, he knows better than to limit himself to a single sound or genre. Boslen also has tracks where the focal point isn’t exactly on emotion or melody, but on the talent he has for spitting rhymes over 808-filled beats.

Both sides of Boslen appear on his latest project, Motionless, which is essentially a five-track introduction to the Canadian artist’s musical aptitude. Songs like “Poison Boi”, “Modest”, and “Handshake” all provide head-banging production and show Bozzy’s clear knowledge on how to spit consistent heat. On the other hand, tracks “Our Lives” and “Where You Been” give listeners waves upon waves of relaxing, almost meditative feelings. “Motionless” establishes a very strong starting point for Boslen’s career in music, and we can assure you will not be disappointed if you choose to listen to some of his newest work.

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