DK – ‘Not There Yet’ [Album]

By: Seamus Fay

Quite frequently, while scrolling through either my SoundCloud feed or my Twitter feed, I’ll stumble upon a brand new gem of an artist that I had never heard before. Even more often, this gem comes across my screen thanks to @gregisonfire. The latest of these finds comes in the form of an artist named DK and his brand new album, Not There Yet. Poised with the ability to illustrate life and emotion in their most undiluted senses, the Western Mass native clearly has the appeal of potential on his side, and by staying true to himself on his latest full-length offering, this upside shines through.

That said, hence the title, Not There Yet details a personal journey for DK. He uses a backdrop of energetic hip-hop production and soulful vocals to translate his life into relatable music, doing so in a way that will turn your head and keep you locked into each and every song. And the best part of it all — this is the kind of project where you hear something new everytime you listen. After my listen, I thought I had DK and his style all figured out, but with each successive listen since, I’ve learned that the rising talent has many more layers to offer.

That said, I’ll just let the music speak for itself. Check out Not There Yet at the link provided below:

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